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Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 9

DALIIIEP9-Past Kurumi

Gonen-mae, Tengū-shi
Air Date
March 8, 2019
Volume 11
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I Swear
Last Promise
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The girl defies time and changes into a devil. The boy, all by himself, stands up to a repeating disaster.
― Episode narration

Five Years Ago, Tengū City (五年前、天宮市, Gonen-mae, Tengū-shi?) is the ninth episode of Date A Live Ⅲ.


Shido questions if it is possible to change history, as he assumed anything done to the past will naturally correct itself. However, Kurumi reassures him that assumption is done without proof, and that she is the only person with the ability to manipulate time. While taking a shortcut through his house to reach his destination, Shido is accidentally seen by his neighbor Naoko Szumoto, who mistakes him for a trespasser. Not wanting to waste time running away from her, Shido uses Natsumi’s powers to disguise himself as his 10-year-old self. While the disguise solves the issue of blending in with the past and resolving being chased by Naoko, Shido has no idea how to dispel the transformation. Kurumi begins teasing Shido over how cute his younger self looks. However, Shido’s reply is interrupted by a fiery explosion, which he recognizes as a sign he needs to hurry since Kotori has already transformed into a Spirit.

Shido arrives at the scene just as Phantom is confronted by Origami. While witnessing the events transpiring, he realizes that Origami’s future self unintentionally killed her own parents. Shido saves past Origami just as a burning house is about to collapse onto her. He comforts her by telling her she’s not alone and that he’s willing to shoulder her sadness and hatred. However, she claims Shido should carry all her emotions besides her anger as she vows to avenge her parents. This causes Shido and Kurumi to grasp that their actions are what influenced Origami's behavior in the future. Shido’s transformation is undone as he laments wasting the opportunity Kurumi gave him. But not giving up, Kurumi explains she was given an idea by Shido’s future self after he returned to the present. She leads Shido to meet her past self from this time period, who is a version of herself that wears an eyepatch. Since Kurumi distinctively remembers not meeting Shido in the past, this method should alter history.

Eyepatch Kurumi is distrustful of Shido at first, even going so far as threatening to shoot him. As a result, the future Kurumi asks Shido to touch her past self so they can communicate with each other. Eyepatch Kurumi reluctantly agrees to the request after Shido says she can still keep her pistol pointed at him. The two Kurumi speak to each other telepathically and reach an agreement. Eyepatch Kurumi shoots Shido with a second Yud Bet, sending him further in the past to a few minutes before future Origami’s arrival. Despite arriving further in the past, Shido struggles to think of a plan as a cheerful Tamae walks pass him. When Kurumi suggests preventing Origami from becoming aware she killed her parents, Shido rejects the idea since her parents would still die. As long as that’s the case, Origami would still swear revenge on someone else like Kotori or Phantom instead. At that moment, Shido reaches an epiphany on what to do.

Shido arrives at the park moments before Phantom transforms Kotori into a Spirit. Kurumi reminds Shido to control himself as he sees Phantom giving Kotori a red crystal, knowing they can’t change the past any more than their current plan. After considering the facts, Shido plans to talk with Phantom, reasoning that Origami wouldn’t accidentally kill her parents if Phantom had already fled the scene. Phantom, who is surprised to see Shido, flees to prevent Kotori from hearing their conversation. During the chase, Kurumi questions if there might be a connection between them, but Shido remarks he has no recollection of anyone who might censor her appearance. Phantom releases her mosaic and turns herself into a pink-haired girl, although she admits this still isn’t her true appearance. When Shido demands her to disappear, Phantom asks if that’s a poetic way of saying to die. Nevertheless, she refuses to leave as there are still some tasks she needs to achieve today. Shido is unable to move as he is struck by a nostalgic sensation when Phantom gently caresses his cheek. She departs with the promise they'll meet when the time is right and that she won’t let go or make a mistake again.

Future Origami appears and the fight occurs again. Just when history seems doomed to repeat itself, Shido runs to past Origami’s location and pushes her parents out of the way, taking the blow in their place. He then awakens in his bedroom, unsure if his actions have changed history.



Major Events[]

  • Shido initially fails to stop Origami's Inversion and the death of her parents.
  • Shido meets Kurumi's past self under the present Kurumi's instructions.
  • Past Kurumi shoots Shido with <Yud Bet> to send him moments in the past to save Origami.
  • Shido witnesses Phantom turn Kotori into a Spirit.
  • Shido faces Phantom for the first time.
  • Shido fails to convinces Phantom to hide from Origami's arrival.
  • Shido saves Origami's parents and seemingly sacrifices himself.
  • Shido wakes up and mysteriously finds himself back in his room with his connection to Kurumi gone.


  • The appearance Phantom uses to disguise herself is of Rinne Sonogami from the first game.
  • When Phantom, disguised as Rinne, places her hand on Shido, he mentions that it "feels familiar". This is a nod to the events of Rinne Utopia.
  • This episode marks the second time a character is seen being given a Sephira Crystal and turning into a Spirit.
  • This episode reveals why Origami becomes personally attached to Shido when they meet again.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • Phantom's comment about being aware of Kurumi eavesdropping on their conversation is removed.


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