Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 9

DALIIIEP9-Past Kurumi

Gonen-mae, Tengū-shi
Air Date
March 8, 2019
Volume 11
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I Swear
Last Promise
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The girl defies time, and changes into a devil. The boy, all by himself, stands up to a repeating disaster.
― Episode narration

Five Years Ago, Tengū City (五年前、天宮市, Gonen-mae, Tengū-shi?) is the 9th episode of the anime's third season.


Kurumi syncing with Shido directs him to the spot where Kotori received her Spirit powers. Using Natsumi's magic to disguise as his 10-year-old self, Shido is force to witness the events that took place when future Origami arrives and attacks. He found Origami's parents getting unintentionally killed. Shido comforts past Origami; however, she claims Shido should carry her emotions and vows to avenge her parents, causing Shido and Kurumi to grasp that their actions is what influenced Origami's behavior in the future. Not giving up, Kurumi leads Shido to meet her past self with the method to alter history. Both Kurumis communicate and reach an agreement. Considering the facts, Shido interacts with Phantom who in turn seems to know him and uncensored into a pink-haired girl. She refuses to hide and just when history is about to repeat itself, Shido pushes Origami's parents out of the way and takes the hit. He then awakens in his bedroom.



Major EventsEdit

  • Shido initially fails to stop Origami's Inversion and the death of her parents.
  • Shido meets Kurumi's past self under the present Kurumi's instructions.
  • Past Kurumi shoots Shido with <Yud Bet> to send him moments in the past to save Origami.
  • Shido witnesses Phantom turn Kotori into a Spirit.
  • Shido faces Phantom for the first time.
  • Shido convinces Phantom to hide from Origami's arrival.
  • Shido fails to have Phantom hide in time.
  • Shido saves Origami's parents and seemingly sacrifices himself.
  • Shido wakes up and mysteriously finds himself back in his room with his connection to Kurumi gone.


  • The appearance Phantom uses to diguise herself is of Rinne Sonogami from the first game.
  • When Phantom, disguised as Rinne, places her hand on Shido, he mentions that it "feels familiar". This is a nod to the events of Rinne Utopia.
  • This episode marks the second time a character is seen being given a Sephira Crystal and turning into a Spirit.
  • This episode reveals why Origami becomes personally attached to Shido when they meet again.

Differences from the Light NovelEdit


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