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Yami Furu Yoru no Maō
Air Date
March 1, 2019
Volume 10
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I Swear
Last Promise
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Five Years Ago, Tengū City

Even when she ended up being what she ought to hate the most, the girl does not stop walking. Overcoming time, defying god, and that which lies at her life path's end.
― Episode Narration

Demon King of Descending Darkness (闇降る夜の魔王, Yami Furu Yoru no Maō?) is the eighth episode of Date A Live Ⅲ.


As Kurumi is impressed that Origami found her so easily, Origami replies that capturing one of her clones in the city isn’t that difficult for her current self anymore. The injured Kurumi clone then retreats into the shadows as Origami and the original Kurumi continue their conversation. While Kurumi comments that she certainly wasn’t gentle in handling her clone, Origami retorts that she was at least merciful enough to leave the clone alive. Moving to the main topic at hand, Origami asks Kurumi if there is a bullet among <Zafkiel>’s 12 dials that allow for traveling back in time. She requests to borrow such power if it exists. After Kurumi initially refuses the request and prepares to retaliate with her flintlock pistol, Origami admits to Kurumi yielding incredible power, but it's meaningless if she can't land a hit. This declaration causes Kurumi to complain she's being underestimated. However, before tensions escalate, Kurumi soon changes her mind after discovering Origami’s goal is to change history in order to save the lives of her parents. Nevertheless, Kurumi denies any generosity and will only be doing so under the pretense of using Origami as a guinea pig to test the Twelfth Bullet Yud Bet. After shooting Origami with Yud Bet, Kurumi requests Origami to show her how far God will permit a foolish and insane attempt in changing the world.

In the infirmary, Shido is preparing to grab food for the hungry Spirits. As he asks Yoshino and Natsumi what they want to eat, everyone notices that they’ve already fallen asleep. At that moment, Yoshino’s phone begins to vibrate from an incoming call from Kotori. Shido attempts to retrieve the phone, but both girls wake up and his awkward position to Yoshino causes Natsumi to punch him due to misunderstanding his intentions. As Shido explains he was reaching for the phone, the call connects and Kotori’s voice is heard from the other end of the speaker.

As Origami’s consciousness wakes up from the darkness, she finds herself falling from the sky. After gracefully descending, she finds herself in Tengu City from five years ago in the past. Summoning her Angel and flying above the city, she locates the fire and discovers Phantom near younger versions of Kotori and Shido. After repeatedly yelling that she’s finally found the culprit, she fires repeated beams of light at Phantom. From Phantom’s perspective, she’s confused about why Origami has Metatron since she is still in possession of that Angel’s Sephira Crystal. While curious about the reason for Origami attacking her out of nowhere, Phantom’s questions only further enrage Origami, who proceeds to increase the ferocity of her attacks. Phantom deduces that Origami must have traveled back in time through <Zafkiel>’s power, remarking she’s surprised Kurumi would lend her power to someone else.

After concluding Origami must be holding a grudge from a future action, Phantom apologizes but states she can’t die due to needing to fulfill her wish. This declaration turns Origami completely livid, as she cannot accept her parent’s murderer holding a desire to be fulfilled. Phantom apologizes again and then asks Origami if she has mistaken the wrong person. Still furious, Origami then traps Phantom in a sphere of light and launches a tremendous blast of energy from above. Phantom escapes from the attack but praises Origami for using Metatron so efficiently. After remarking the birth of a powerful Spirit should be celebrated, Phantom then disappears from the scene. Origami takes solace in at least preventing her parents’ deaths. However, much to her utter horror, her parents end up being accidental fatalities during her indiscriminate rampage attacking Phantom. After realizing the awful truth that she was her parents’ murderer, Origami finds her younger self vowing revenge while glaring at her with eyes filled with hatred. Origami lets out an agonizing scream as the effects of the Twelfth Bullet wear off.

Back in the present day, Shido is informed of the aftermath of Fraxnius’ battle against Goetia and is glad they are safe. Kotori states they are currently at Ratatoskr's underground base and instructs them to come to their location as soon as possible, with Kotori aware of their current whereabouts due to the tracking function on Yoshino's cell phone. Before the call ends, Shido informs Kotori that Origami has become a Spirit. On DEM’s side of things, Westcott praises Ellen for her work in taking care of Fraxinus. However, Ellen states that she also took one too many hits due to the talent of the enemy crew. As they move on to discuss Origami becoming a Spirit, Westcott remarks it’s a shame and even he didn’t expect things to turn out this way. However, Ellen calls him out for smiling while saying this. Ellen remarks that since Origami’s reading disappeared, she must have gone into hiding due to knowing they’ll be hunting her down now. Nevertheless, Westcott determines that might not necessarily be the case as the defining quality of Spirits is their unpredictability. Elsewhere, Kurumi wonders if Origami managed to achieve her goal. One of her clones appears and remarks the original has been out in the moonlight too long for her to say something so out-of-character. In response, Kurumi tells her clone it's just one of her whims.

Suddenly, a dark shadow eclipses the moon as pitch-black rays of light indiscriminately rain down from above. Kotori confirms this response is coming from an Inverse Spirit, although she's not sure why one would show up without any warning. The Inverse Spirit, revealed to be an emotionless Origami, attacks the entire city, including the infirmary where Shido and the other Spirits were recuperating. Fortunately, they are able to escape intact thanks to Tohka's efforts. Remembering his discussion with Kotori about Origami, Shido resolves to save her. While Miku summons Gabriel to boost everyone's strength, Origami attacks Shido and the other Spirits, but they're protected by an ice barrier from Yoshino's Zadkiel. Yoshino and Natsumi prepare to handle everything on the ground level like removing debris in the way. Meanwhile, Tohka and the Yamai twins help escort Shido in flying toward Origami. The dark rays of light attempt to hinder their progress, but Tohka wards them off with a swing of her sword. Suddenly, Ellen arrives on the battlefield and attacks them in order to retrieve Origami for DEM, but Kaguya distracts her while Yuzuru flings Shido toward Origami. Despite trying to make Origami come to her senses, Shido’s voice can no longer reach Origami as she is now completely unresponsive to the world. Shido falls to the ground, but he is healed by Camael's flames. Fraxinus appears despite the damages sustained during its battle against Goetia. Kotori would like to tell Shido to retreat, but the dire circumstances mean they'll attempt to transfer him to Origami. However, things take a turn for the worse when Origami’s indiscriminate attacks manage to shoot down Fraxinus from the sky. Shido is worried about the Fraxinus crew, but he gets pinned down by Kurumi's shadow. Realizing that the current Origami can no longer be saved, Kurumi shoots Shido with her bullets.

Shido wakes up to find himself in a peaceful Tengu City. He finds Tamae, but she is surprised he knows her nickname despite not personally knowing him. Tamae briefly thinks he’s hitting on her. Despite growing excited at that notion, she apologizes as there’s somewhere she needs to go. Shido then suddenly hears Kurumi’s voice in his head, who is speaking directly to him from another time period. Kurumi explains the events that led up to the present from her perspective. When Shido questions why she’s helping him save Origami, Kurumi retorts that she is simply looking for proof that history can be changed.



Major Events

  • Kurumi sends Origami five years in the past to stop the latter's parents' deaths.
  • Origami learns that it was her future self who killed her parents.
  • Origami returns to the present in her Inverse Form and goes on a rampage in Tengu City.
  • Kurumi sends Shido five years back to the past to prevent Origami's Inversion.

Differences from the Light Novel

  • This episode omits Kurumi's use of City of Devouring Time to fuel Yud Bet using Origami's Reiryoku.
  • In the Light Novel, Origami's final attack removes Phantom's mosaic, with Origami subsequently feeling that Phantom's actual voice sounds familiar. In the anime version, Phantom escapes from the attack with her disguise intact.


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