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Wakatareta Michi
Air Date
February 15, 2019
Volume 10
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I Swear
Last Promise
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Sleeping together, it's a dream. Sleeping together, it's romance. If only that slumber lasted forever, that would be paradise.
― Episode narration

Crossroads (分かたれた道, Wakatareta Michi?) is the sixth episode of Date A Live Ⅲ.


A flashback shows Origami when she was little, walking back home after her friend bids her farewell. On the way, Origami sees black smoke from the houses burning, causing her to frantically search for her parents. When she finally finds them, Origami is relieved that her parents are okay. However, they're suddenly vaporized by a blinding light attack coming from a Spirit. Emotionally distraught, Origami cries and swears to kill the Spirit in order to avenge her parents. Back in the present time, Origami is seen in her apartment holding a microchip.

In the Itsuka residence, Shido wakes up from his alarm clock and finds Natsumi in her adult form, who seductively says good morning to him. When Kotori sees them, she kicks Shido and questions him if he and Natsumi are engaging in lewd acts. Shido explains it's a misunderstanding, but Natsumi remarks he's such a pervert. He questions why she is in her adult form, so Kotori informs Shido that Natsumi's negative mindset allows her powers to backflow easier. Natsumi asks the Itsuka siblings what they're whispering about and tells them not to leave out of the conversation. Kotori then complains about her transforming over every little thing. However, Natsumi retaliates by asking Kotori not to be jealous that Shido fell for her more mature self instead of Kotori's more scrawny appearance. This escalates into an argument where Natsumi feigns tears to force Kotori into confessing she is indeed more scrawny, much to Kotori's irritation once she finds out it was staged.

At school, Shido and Tohka notice that Origami hasn't come to class. When Tamae is about to make an announcement, Ai, Mai, and Mii believe the matchmaking did not work out for her, but it's actually about Origami transferring to another school. Shido wants to know why, but Tamae doesn't know the details as she just got a phone call from Origami. As Shido asks her which school Origami is going to, Tamae replies that it's in England, and he realizes that she'll be with DEM. To see Origami, Shido excuses himself by feigning a stomachache.

Back at the Itsuka residence, Natsumi is in her room complaining and hears the doorbell ringing. It is revealed to be Yoshino, who asks to have tea with Natsumi. While Natsumi thinks she bears a grudge and wants revenge for impersonating Yoshinon, Yoshino asks her if she will let her show her around the city since Natsumi has just moved in. Yoshino has spent time all by herself and since Natsumi is here, she hopes they can talk to each other because they're friends, which Natsumi obliges. While Shido is heading to Origami's apartment, he calls her, but she is not responding. When Shido rings the doorbell, there's nothing, so he tells Origami to answer if she's there. As Shido grabs the doorknob, it's suddenly open as it's left unlocked, and he looks for Origami where her room is empty. Origami gets behind Shido and covers his mouth with a cloth, causing him to pass.

At Kotori's school, her classmates are amazed by her lunch, and she explains that her brother made it before they're going to eat. However, Kotori gets a phone call, and she went to the rooftop to answer. It is revealed to be Reine who informs Kotori that Shido is missing. When Kotori asks about the Spirits, Reine replies that Tohka, the Yamai twins, and Miku are having lunch at their schools, and Natsumi and Yoshino went out to play in the city. Not wanting to worry the Spirits, Kotori tells Reine to look for Shido before they get home.

Shido wakes up to find himself tied up in a chair. Origami comes in and gives him water to drink. He asks her to untie him, but she refuses to comply. When Shido questions Origami if she joined DEM and Westcott ordered her to abduct him, she confirms that she did join them, but abducting him is her own call. Origami tells Shido that despite knowing that the Spirits are not a threat once sealed, she must uphold the promise she made to wipe them all out in revenge for her parents' death. As Shido asks Origami about going after the Spirit who killed her parents and won't come after Tohka and the others, Origami answers that all the Spirits are the same and says that she's no longer in AST. He argues that they want to live normal lives, but she will not allow it and leaves to fight Tohka and the others.

At DEM, Ellen is questioning Westcott if he's okay with allowing Origami to act on her own, but it doesn't matter to him. As he drinks from his cup of tea, Westcott points out that the Spirits are what they're after. He asks Ellen if she's curious to know how far Origami will go, so she will work behind the scenes. Westcott informs Ellen about another target, Fraxinus, and he wants her to stop it with her ship, Goetia, from getting Origami's way. As Tohka and the Yamai twins are going to walk back home to find Shido, they encounter Miku in the process. She charges toward the them, but they manage to dodge her. Miku asks the three why are they running away from her "expression of love", but they're not fooled. When Tohka questions Miku why is she at the Itsuka residence, she answers that she came to visit Shido, but no one is home. Suddenly, the four hear a Spacequake alarm, and Origami appears. She reveals the alarm was a setup for her to kill them while Natsumi and Yoshino are evacuating with everyone. The Spirits have her outnumbered, but Origami counterattacks by using her new DEM CR-Unit Mordred. As they wonder why she has changed back to her old self, Tohka looks at Origami's eyes and realizes how serious she is about killing them. She confirms that they'll be killed if they don't retaliate with equal lethal force. Kaguya's scream brings Tohka back to her senses, but it still leaves a vulnerable opening where she gets attacked by Origami.

Onboard Fraxinus, Kotori sees Origami fighting the Spirits and attempts to recover Tohka, Miku, and the Yamai twins. However, she and the crew are attacked by Ellen, who is piloting her personal warship Goetia. Hinako informs Kotori about a transmission they're receiving from the enemy ship. When Kotori asks Ellen what she wants, Ellen gives Kotori an ultimatum in which the crew has 3 minutes to leave Fraxinus if they want to live. Kotori starts to question Ellen if she can destroy Fraxinus, and Ellen confirms it might happen and mentions Woodman about choosing that name for the ship. Kotori also asks her if she's underestimating Fraxinus, but Ellen tells Kotori that it's her who's underestimating Goetia's abilities and her power. When Kotori asks Ellen a final question if she has more to say, Ellen wants Kotori to deliver a message to Woodman that she'll have his head for turning his back on DEM and their promise. Kotori tells the crew that she's fine if they can leave, but they choose to stay and fight. Ellen is disappointed in Kotori and admits that despite not being blood-related, she truly is Shido's little sister. As they launch Mystletainn against Ellen, she swiftly dodges it, much to Kotori and the crew's surprise. As Ellen attacks, Kotori orders the crew to deploy Project Territory. However, Ellen launches a second attack before Fraxinus can counterattack. While Origami fights the Spirits, Tohka is left unconscious, and Shido is still calling out for someone to help him.



Major Events[]

  • Origami kidnaps Shido to ensure he doesn't interfere in her fight with the sealed Spirits.
  • Origami battles Tohka, Miku, and the Yamai sisters while using her new CR-Unit <Mordred>.
  • Ellen attacks the <Fraxinus> airship with <Goetia>.

Differences from the Light Novel[]


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