Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 5


Zetsubō ga Ochite-kuru
Air Date
Feburary 8, 2019
Volume 9
Theme Songs
I Swear
Last Promise
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Despair Comes Crashing Down (絶望が落ちてくる, Zetsubō ga Ochite-kuru?) is the 5th episode of the anime's third season.


To confirm what the others truly think of her, Natsumi disguises as Kotori and talk to them, getting even more confused upon learning that they have a much more positive view of her than she believed. Meanwhile, the executives of DEM diverge a satellite to crash at the city in an attempt to kill Westcott. While Shido looks for Natsumi, who goes missing, Kotori uses the <Fraxinus>'s <Gungnir> to destroy the satellite. However, a second satellite appears and with Kotori too weak to fight again, Shido and the other Spirits destroy it with Natsumi's help. Having finally accepted Shido and the others as friends, Natsumi allows herself to be sealed by him. Suddenly, a bomb is dropped on the city, just to be later destroyed with ease by Origami, much to Shido's surprise.



  • I Swear is used as an insert song during Shido and the Spirits' defense against the falling satellite.

Major EventsEdit

  • Roger Murdoch sends three of DEM's satellite to crash on Tenguu City to get rid of Westcott
  • Natsumi escapes from <Fraxinus>
  • Ellen confronts Shido about Natsumi
  • Shido, the Spirits and <Fraxinus> defend Tenguu City from the falling satellites
  • Natsumi joins the rest in defending the city
  • Natsumi allows herself to be sealed by Shido

Differences from the Light NovelEdit

  • Natsumi escaping from her room inside <Fraxinus> is omitted from this episode.
  • Natsumi, disguised as Kotori, encountering Shiizaki is adapted out.
  • When Ellen confronts Shido in his house, the entire scene was altered from the Light Novel, which are:
    • Shido trying not to be intimidated by Ellen.
    • Ellen bringing her laser blade close to Shido's face and her threat of cutting of his ear.
    • Shido pushing Ellen down and his attempt to escape.
    • Ellen having reinforcement around the Itsuka household.
  • In the Light Novel, Shido uses <Sandalphon> twice to destroy the falling satellite before the sealed Spirits come to his aid. In this episode, he only does it once.
    • Additionally, his declaration to protect Tenguu City from the falling satellite is also not included.


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