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Zetsubō ga Ochite-kuru
Air Date
February 8, 2019
Volume 9
Theme Songs
I Swear
Last Promise
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A girl thinks, "If only I was more honest." A girl wishes, "If only I had more courage." Wish upon a shooting star.
― Episode narration

Despair Comes Crashing Down (絶望が落ちてくる, Zetsubō ga Ochite-kuru?) is the fifth episode of Date A Live Ⅲ.


In the dimly lit DEM Industries conference room, the dissenting board members are observing the orbital system for the satellite Humpty Dumpty to reach Tengu City in five hours to kill Westcott. Murdoch maliciously grins as his plans begin to unfold.

Onboard Fraxinus, Shido discusses with Kotori and Reine, stating that he and the other Spirits went a bit too far as he didn't think Natsumi would be upset. However, Reine reassures him that it's not as bad as he imagines. Upon checking, her mental state, mood, and happiness have significantly improved, much to Shido's relief. Kotori points out that Natsumi isn't used to compliments when she isn't transformed and has zero self-confidence despite her desire to be acknowledged. Shido brings up that nobody likely paid attention to Natsumi after Kotori mentions that bad experiences have warped her self-worth.

To confirm what the others truly think of her, Natsumi disguises herself as Kotori and approaches Tohka and Yoshino. She asks them what they think of her while purposely belittling herself and encouraging them to mock her. However, Tohka asks Kotori what is wrong and says that's not like her while checking if she has a fever. Yoshino adds that she doesn't feel anything bad about her. Still, Natsumi continues to insult herself. Miku and the Yamai twins have arrived, and Kaguya asks what's going on since Kotori isn’t acting like herself. Natsumi tells the three that Tohka and Yoshino are saying weird things like she is pretty and not a pain to take care of. However, Kaguya tells her that she's the one saying weird things, and Yuzuru adds that she doubts Kotori would insult someone like that. Miku even gets angry and tells her that she shouldn't talk about Natsumi like that. All of this results in Natsumi growing even more confused upon learning they have a much more positive view of her than she believed. Natsumi runs away but, she bumps into Shido while making her escape. Unaware of Natsumi being in disguise, Shido asks Kotori what's wrong, but Natsumi says its nothing. Wanting to know what she truly thinks of her, Shido wonders if they should let Natsumi out of her confinement. He imagines that she must be lonely from eating alone. If she can eat with everyone else, he believes Natsumi might warm up to them. Upon seeing what he thinks is Kotori crying, Shido asks her if he said anything strange, but Natsumi calls him an idiot and runs away. As Shido chases her, she disappears and in her place, he finds a lollipop which he places in his pocket. He then receives a phone call from the real Kotori, who informs Shido that Natsumi has escaped from the facility.

While Shido searches for Natsumi, he arrives at the Itsuka residence and sees the door is left open, believing it to be Natsumi. However, as he enters the house, it's revealed to be none other than Ellen. She interrogates Shido for Natsumi's whereabouts, but he refuses to comply with the demand. Still, as Ellen compliments Shido's house where he and the Spirits live like a happy family, she threatens him if he's willing to lose it all. Once again, she asks him while threateningly pointing her laser sword at him, offering the safety of the other six Spirits in exchange for the information she seeks. Back onboard Fraxinus, Kotori asks the crew if there's any sign of Natsumi, but their reports indicate nothing. She remarks that Natsumi must be wary of Fraxinus and refuses to show herself again. Suddenly, when Kozue gets a response, Kotori assumes it's Natsumi, but Kozue replies it’s an incoming satellite. Kyouhei finds it odd, and Munechika informs Kotori that there's explosive magic attached to the satellite. Upon closer inspection, Kotori and Kyouhei see several Bandersnatch units surrounding the incoming projectile from space.

As Ellen still points her sword at Shido, she gets receives a phone call about the DEM insurrection plot and leaves Shido unharmed, remarking that today was his lucky day. Kotori then calls Shido and asks if he has found Natsumi, but he replies he hasn't yet. She informs him about a satellite will crash into Tengu City soon and he needs to hurry to the nearest shelter. Shido asks Kotori about the other Spirits, and she tells him not to worry because they're at a location where the debris won't even leave a scratch on them. Their plan is to have Fraxinus blast the satellite into smithereens. She also tells him to keep searching for Natsumi as long as he can. But if Shido can't find Natsumi in time, he needs to evacuate before it's too late. As Kotori says she's counting on him, Shido thanking her causes Kotori to blush.

As night falls, everyone is evacuating for shelter while Shido is still looking for Natsumi. He calls out to her, saying they won't shut her in a room anymore and will let her go wherever she wants. Natsumi, still in the form of a lollipop in Shido's pocket, questions why he would go this far and care about her when she was ruining his life and erasing his friends. Fraxinus fires their main cannon at the satellite, but it's not enough to stop its descent. Kotori leaves Kyouhei in charge and syncs her Spirit powers to fuel <Fraxinus>'s <Gungnir> in destroying the satellite. However, a second satellite appears, and with Kotori too exhausted to fight again, she has to resort to begging the other Spirits to help save Shido.

As the second satellite approaches, Shido summons Sandalphon to attack it, but he gets overwhelmed. Fortunately, the Spirits have arrived as reinforcements. Ellen tells Westcott to leave as the satellite is about crash under the DEM directors' doing, but he confidently believes they will fail. As a countermeasure, he also tells her to dispatch Origami to the scene. Meanwhile, Miku sings March in order to help invigorate everyone’s strength. Yoshino and the Yamai twins use their Spirit powers to slow down the satellite's descent. Shido requests Tohka's help to take out the satellite, but she says they can't yet because it has explosive bombs attached, so they must destroy it while it's higher up. The Yamai twins use their wind powers to lift the satellite upwards as high as they can. However, they're attacked by the surrounding DEM CR-Units. Natsumi attempts to reassure herself that someone will show up to help. However, as one of the CR-Units is about to attack Shido, she undoes her transformation to save him. Natsumi uses Haniel to transform the explosives into cartoon caricatures and transforms her Angel into a replica of <Sandalphon>. With their combined strength, the team is able to successfully destroy the second satellite.

Shido thanks the Spirits, and Natsumi is about to leave. However, when Shido calls her out, Natsumi asks if he's disgusted that she changed into a lollipop and hid in his pocket or upset that she didn't come to help. However, he is merely glad that she's okay. Growing confused, Natsumi states she hid and watched as he panicked. Natsumi begins crying and apologizes to them for causing trouble. She admits being happy when they're nice to her and tearfully apologizes for not thanking them. Shido tells her not to worry because they would have been in trouble if she hadn't come. He asks Natsumi if she remembers him promising that she could go anywhere when it's over. Shido also asks Natsumi to be his friend if she's okay with it, and the other Spirits want to be her friends too.

Having finally accepted Shido and the others as friends, Natsumi asks Shido if she's cute. Shido's confirmation causes her to blush, and she allows herself to be sealed by him. Just as things look to be wrapped up, a third satellite is dropped on the city, but it is subsequently destroyed with ease by Origami, who is wearing a new CR-Unit.



  • I Swear is used as an insert song during Shido and the Spirits' defense against the falling satellite.

Major Events[]

  • Roger Murdoch sends three of DEM's satellites to crash on Tengu City in order to get rid of Westcott.
  • Natsumi escapes from <Fraxinus>.
  • Ellen confronts Shido about Natsumi.
  • Shido, the Spirits, and <Fraxinus> defend Tengu City from the falling satellites.
  • Natsumi joins everyone in defending the city.
  • Natsumi allows herself to be sealed by Shido.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • Natsumi escaping from her room inside <Fraxinus> is omitted from this episode.
  • Natsumi, while disguised as Kotori, encountering Shiizaki is adapted out.
  • Murdoch singing "Humpty Dumpty" manically while watching his satellite near it's drop point in Tengu City was adapted out.
  • Ellen running back to Westcott's hotel room and expressing her anger at Westcott for leaving Murdoch and the other traitors unguarded is also not included.
  • When Ellen confronts Shido in his house, the entire scene was altered from the Light Novel, which are:
    • Shido trying not to be intimidated by Ellen.
    • Ellen bringing her laser blade close to Shido's face and her threat of cutting off his ear.
    • Shido pushing Ellen down and his attempt to escape.
    • Ellen having reinforcement around the Itsuka household.
  • In the Light Novel, Shido uses <Sandalphon> twice to destroy the falling satellite before the sealed Spirits come to his aid. In this episode, he only does it once. Additionally, his declaration to protect Tengu City from the falling satellite is also not included.


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