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Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 4

Natsumi's Make-up

Air Date
February 1, 2019
Volume 9
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I Swear
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Opening amidst the chaos, "My personal zoo". Now, Shido's paternity is tested.
― Episode narration

Transformation (変身, Henshin?) is the fourth episode of Date A Live Ⅲ.


Shido has his hands full dealing with the Spirits in their child forms, much to Natsumi's joy, as she is determined to make him suffer. Luckily, Reine is there to assist him as they all struggle to get his attention. When Shido asks what happened to Natsumi, Reine states she deployed observation devices to find her, but there's no response yet. Shido also questions why would Natsumi go this far, and Reine suggests that it could be emergency measures she used to escape or issuing him a warning as well. The latter would mean Natsumi is holding a grudge against Shido. At night, Westcott is in the car explaining Shido has gathered six Spirits while checking the files on Natsumi. He tells Ellen to make her move as soon as she's ready. Ellen asks Westcott where can she start, and she is given a photo of Natsumi as her target.

At school, Shido enters the classroom and is relieved that no one disappeared after seeing Ai, Mai, and Mii. He is greeted by Tonomachi, but Shido is called by Tamae about some guests who want to see him. They happen to be Tohka, Origami, Yoshino, and the Yamai twins. Kotori speaks through Shido's intercom that the Spirits are gone, and he tells her that they came to the school. When the students are watching them, the trio asks the Spirits who they are. In response, Origami claims Shido is her papa, much to their and Tamae's surprise. However, Shido tells them they're his relatives' kids, and Tonomachi seems to believe him. Unfortunately, Natsumi turns Tohka's clothes into a swimsuit, much to the trio's chagrin, and Shido flees with Tohka and the other Spirits to the house. When Kotori informs them about the problem with the house, they see that it has also turned into a giant maneki-neko, and Natsumi is watching them from afar. Natsumi's mischief escalates as she uses her transformation powers to place Shido into various compromising positions with the deaged Spirits, hoping to permanently ruin his reputation.

Meanwhile, eager for revenge, Murdoch convinces the top executives of DEM Industries to assassinate Westcott and make plans to kill him. Shido is having a strange dream, but the Spirits wake him up. Suddenly, the Spirits' clothes have turned into animal girl outfits. They are trapped in a cage while Shido's clothes have turned into a ringmaster outfit. Fortunately, Reine communicates with Shido that she has tracked down Natsumi. Natsumi is delighted as she heads off to the forest. However, when Natsumi is attacked by a DEM platoon led by Ellen, she quickly retaliates by using her Angel, Haniel, to turn their missiles into sweets and DEM Wizards into children. However, even while turned into a younger age, Ellen manages to land a successful blow onto Natsumi. The injury also has the effect of undoing her transformation powers, restoring everyone to their true ages. Ellen attempts to kill Natsumi, but Tohka blocks her attack. Meanwhile, Miku and the Yamai twins knock out the DEM platoon. Shido and the others appear to rescue her as Miku uses her Angel, Gabriel, to take control of the unconscious DEM platoon to distract Ellen. After they have successfully fled with Natsumi, Ellen breaks free from her subordinates.

Back at the DEM Industries, Murdoch tells Simpson about the orbital satellites and his plans to drop them on Tengu City to assassinate Westcott. Despite the number of civilian casualties, Murdoch is unhinged in proceeding forward with the plan. In the apartment, Origami wakes up and answers her phone about the punishment she's receiving. Origami sees the men who are coming for her and escapes. Meanwhile, Westcott answers his phone with a smile.

Onboard Fraxinus, weakened from the battle, Natsumi is unable to summon her Angel and is confined by Kotori. Shido asks Kotori what happened to her face from the scratches she got, but she tells him to be on his guard when he's going to see Natsumi. Shido then confronts Natsumi and learns that she loathes him because he saw her true form as a child, believing he would never care about her because of knowing her true appearance. When Shido asks what's so disappointing about her true form, she retaliates by scratching his face, and he returns to Kotori, which is why she got scratched and told Shido to be careful. Shido asks her about Natsumi's mental state, Kotori says it's been up and down, but sealing her is out of the question for now. The Itsuka siblings discuss Natsumi not having confidence in her current self and says that she has her own charm rather than transforming into her adult form if she has realized it, which gives them an idea to help her. As Natsumi is about to eat the omelet, she sees a reflection of herself on the television, but she turns away and eats the omelet. She remembers what Shido says, which makes her blush. Suddenly, the lights went out, and Shido carries Natsumi away in a sack.

When Shido removes the sack from Natsumi, they're both with Miku in a beauty salon. Natsumi says they'll laugh behind her back, but Kotori gives her a chop to the head and tells her to lie down already. To cheer Natsumi up, Shido tells her that girls can transform even without her Angel. After being told that running away wouldn’t make any difference, Natsumi reluctantly accepts their relaxation and beauty treatment. Miku starts oiling Natsumi's skin, warming up her body with hot stones and massaging her as Natsumi begins to relax. The Yamai twins trim and comb Natsumi's hair. Kotori and Yoshino select new clothes for Natsumi. As Shido appears dressed up as "Shiori", Natsumi calls him a pervert, but he still applies makeup on her. All of this is done to show her that she can be beautiful even in her true appearance. However, their efforts leave Natsumi confused about how they're all happy despite the terrible things she did, and she flees. Shido tries to tell her where the exit is, but Natsumi hits the wall and passes out.

During nighttime, Origami is still being hunted down as she suddenly receives a phone call from Ellen. Ellen asks her to work for DEM, but Origami refuses due to the harm they brought to Shido. Origami continues running until she is surrounded by her chasers. Ellen reminds her about the incident five years ago and her desire to avenge her parents. She tempts Origami with possible confidential information about the incident, which causes her to accept the offer. Suddenly, the men pursuing Origami have all collapsed, and Ellen welcomes Origami to DEM Industries.



  • Similar to Episode 2, this episode was outsourced to ENGI.

Major Events[]

  • The Spirits and Origami are returned to their normal ages.
  • The DEM board members decide to destroy Tengu City in order to get revenge on Westcott, and send an explosive satellite with a <Bandersnatch> fleet to protect it.
  • Natsumi is taken under Fraxinus' custody.
  • Origami is offered by Ellen to defect to DEM Industries, which she initially rejects but later accepts.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • In the Light Novel, Natsumi's prank rips apart Tohka's clothes instead of turning them into a swimsuit. The same prank was used to strip Ai, Mai, Mii, and Tonomachi; this was omitted from the episode.
  • In the Light Novel, the Itsuka house becomes a love hotel instead of a maneki-neko.


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