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Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 12

DALIII EP 12 - Impress Shido

Itsuka Shidō o Kōryaku-seyo
Air Date
March 29, 2019
Volume 12
Theme Songs
I Swear
Last Promise
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Don't Panic. This is a Sprit Trap

Spirits. Special life forms designated as especially disastrous existing in the Neighboring World. Countermeasure one: Destroy by brute force. Countermeasure two: Date and make them fall in love.
― Episode narration

Make Shido Itsuka Swoon (五河士道を攻略せよ, Itsuka Shidō o Kōryaku-seyo?) is the twelfth and final episode of Date A Live Ⅲ.


During a physical examination, Shido exhibits unusual physical ability on the level of a Spirit before collapsing. After careful analysis, Reine asserts that the link between Shido and all Spirits he has sealed is merging in an unstable circulation, causing his body to overheat with absurd powers. To deal with this problem, the Spirits have to kiss Shido to make the link flow inside him secure, but before they could Shido rampaged out of the infirmary. A flirtatious Shido ignites Yoshino and Miku's powers on the townspeople (including Ellen) to his amusement. Everyone catches up to him, but he declares he will only cooperate if they can make him fall for them. A competition is held in a manor where the girls dress in swimsuits to charm Shido.

Initially unfazed by their advances, Yuzuru, Kaguya, Natsumi, Yoshino, Kotori, Miku, and Origami all got Shido's heart to race past the required threshold. As Tohka is left, Shido collapses and loses control of his powers, potentially leading to a Spacequake that could be more disastrous than 30 years ago. As Spirit team race against time, Kotori reluctantly prepared a weapon for this occasion to kill Shido if necessary. However, Origami and Tohka stop her. As Kurumi led a hand in restraining Shido, the girls take turns in kissing him. Both Tohka and Shido's Sandalphons clash, but at the key moment Tohka runs out of power. A now defenseless Tohka walks up and comes to the realization of her love for Shido before kissing him. Afterwards, Shido's body and personality is cured as he shares a moment alone with Tohka in the hospital.



Major Events

  • Shido collapses at school due to a presumed fever.
  • Reine analyzes that Shido's fever is because of the connection between Shido and the sealed Spirits being narrowed, causing Shido's body to overheat. Kotori theorizes that Shido may go on a rampage due to this condition.
  • Reine reveals that the only way to fix the connection is to have all of the sealed Spirits kiss Shido.
  • Shido begins flirting with random girls due to his condition.
  • Shido is confronted by the sealed Spirits and challenges them to make him fall for all of them.
  • The sealed Spirits all go on a date with Shido together, and take turns to make him fall for each of them.
  • The Yamai twins, Yoshino, Natsumi, Kotori, Miku, and Origami are able to make Shido fall for them in their respective turns.
  • Shido completely loses control of the Spirit powers sealed in him during Tohka's turn and goes on a rampage.
  • Kotori is forced to use <Dainsleif> to stop Shido, but she is convinced not to use the weapon by Origami and Tohka.
  • The sealed Spirits all fight a rampaging Shido to save him.
  • All of the sealed Spirits are able to kiss Shido individually, fixing the path to him and saving him.


  • This is the only episode in the entire anime series to fully adapt an entire volume in a single episode.
  • As of this episode, Mana Takamiya is the only significant character to not have appeared throughout the third season.
  • The monologue spoken during "I Swear" in this episode reiterates what the Spirits are and the two ways of dealing with them.
  • It is revealed during Origami's turn with Shido that her persona from the altered timeline remains within her and coexists with her original timeline persona.

Differences from the Light Novel

  • Due to adapting an entire volume, this episode leaves out roughly half of the volume's content.
  • Characters in Volume 12 but not this episode include Mana, Westcott, Woodman, Tamae, <Phantom>, and the rest of the Ratatoskr Round Table. As a result:
    • Ellen appears only during Shido's attempt to seduce her, and does not lead a fleet of <Bandersnatch> to attack Shido while the Spirits attempt to make him fall for them.
    • Mentions of Neryl Island, <Adeptus 2>, and <Material A> are omitted, as is Kurumi's involvement with all three subjects.
    • Kurumi instead assumes <Phantom>'s role by giving the other Spirits an opening to subdue Shido after he starts rampaging. She does so without being seen by the other Spirits.
    • Shido does not mention Mio by name.
    • <Dainsleif> is not activated, because there is no attempt to override its privileges.
  • Other events from Volume 12 that are omitted include:
    • The morning at the Itsuka household and Shido and the sealed Spirits' walk to school
    • Origami's alternate-timeline personality emerging at school (it only happens during Shido's dates later on)
    • Shido regaining consciousness at the school infirmary, accidentally obliterating objects that he touched and passing out for a second time
    • Shido, in his fevered state, flirts with Ai, Mai, Mii, and Tamae
    • Shido escaping from the Spirits by transforming himself and them into copies of Shiori
    • The transformation of the building's interior from a pool complex into a party hall
    • Kotori dancing with Shido at the party
    • Miku singing to Shido at the party
    • Origami's personalities clashing in her head at the party
    • Tohka feeding Shido (and vice-versa) at the party - Shido instead collapses and loses control of his Reiryoku before they can eat
    • Kotori getting injured by the rampaging Shido's swing of <Sandalphon>, and recovering
    • Tohka hugging Shido after kissing him and making him promise to kiss her over sealing the other Spirits a secret from her, before passing out
  • Ratatoskr appear to oversee the Spirits' dates from on board a repaired <Fraxinus>, even though it is still under repairs during the events of Volume 12.
  • Shido is also kept in the medical bay of <Fraxinus> in this episode rather than in the school infirmary like in Volume 12.
  • Miku attending the emergency meeting of the Spirits after one of her concerts is not mentioned in this episode.
  • Reine is the one to tell the Spirits about the time limit to kiss Shido, instead of Shido himself.
  • Shido's "Roaring Flash Blast Wave" technique debuts later than usual due to the omission of DEM's attempt to attack him - he instead uses the technique to escape from the party after losing control of his Reiryoku.
  • In Volume 12, Origami holds Kotori at gunpoint over the latter's intent to activate <Dainsleif>, causing Kotori to emotionally break down and leak information about <Dainsleif> to the other sealed Spirits. This episode instead has Origami gently dissuading Kotori from activating <Dainsleif> without the other Spirits knowing what it is.
  • In the Light Novel, Natsumi does not wear a Limited Astral Dress when everyone is confronting Shido due to having already spent her Reiryoku during her seduction attempt. However, in the anime she is still able to manifest a Limited Astral Dress.


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