Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 10

DALIIIEP10 - Devil

Mō-hitotsu no Sekai, Mō-hitori no Kanojo
Air Date
March 15, 2019
Volume 11
Theme Songs
I Swear
Last Promise
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Daily life. An illusion which lasts forever. What will be illuminated by the light that was reclaimed?
― Episode narration

Another World, Another Girl (もうひとつの世界、もうひとりの彼女, Mō-hitotsu no Sekai, Mō-hitori no Kanojo?) is the 10th episode of the anime's third season.


Shido finds the world is different with nobody being able to recall Origami. The girls notice that something is troubling Shido, because he wishes to see Origami once more. Natsumi proposes Kotori and Yoshino to cheer Shido up in embarrassing maid outfits. Shido then discovers what's different in this new timeline when Kotori mentions an unidentified Spirit called "Devil," and in footage, Shido recognizes her to be Origami. The next day, Origami reappears as a new student in Shido's class, who has a completely changed of personality. Shido calls Kotori for information, and learns Origami was still a member of the AST until she retired for unknown reasons. At lunch break, Shido talks with Origami and summarizes that her associating with the AST were not so dramatic, Origami believes the guy who saved her parents and "died" could have been Shido's brother, and her parents gave her so much sweetest but ironically still died due to a car accident four years ago. Shido feels tired and sleeps on the rooftop. Kurumi later wakes him up and reveals she remembers everything from the old timeline. When Origami discovers the both of them together, she suddenly transforms into her Inverse Spirit form and attacks. She goes back to normal after Kurumi retreats, but does not recall what just happened.



Major EventsEdit

  • Shido awakens in the new timeline after altering the past, thus saving everyone.
  • Shido learns that Origami was never a student in Raizen High in the new timeline.
  • Kotori informs Shido of an Inversed Spirit codenamed <Devil>.
  • Shido realizes that <Devil> is Origami and that she is still a Spirit in the new timeline.
  • Origami transfers to Raizen High and Shido's class.
  • Shido informs Kotori about Origami.
  • Shido introduces himself to Origami of the new timeline.
  • Shido learns that Origami's parents died in a car accident a year after their previous deaths in the new timeline.
  • Shido asks Origami out on a date.
  • Shido reunites with Kurumi.
  • Kurumi reveals to Shido that she and him are the only ones with memories of the original timeline.
  • Origami turns into her Inverse form and attacks Kurumi.


  • This episode marks the first time two transformation sequences happen in the same episode.
  • When Shido learns that Origami's parents in the altered timeline still die (albeit, a year later), this calls back to what he previously said about "history correcting itself".
    • Another is Origami still joining the Anti-Spirit Team, with the circumstances behind her reason for joining them being different.

Differences from the Light NovelEdit


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