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There are 30 trophies in total for Date A Live: Rinne Utopia.

(5BronzeTrophy/20SilverTrophy/4GoldTrophy /1PlatinumTrophy)

Trophy Name Desc. Grade
1L56b056 Date・A・Complete Won all the trophies PlatinumTrophy
2L05d451 The Beginning of Everything Prologue start! BronzeTrophy
3L96bef5 Now, Let's Start Our War Prologue clear BronzeTrophy
4L6e12ba Date・A・Live So Far Valuable record was verified in the backlog BronzeTrophy
5L09b32d Preparation of Date Changed the settings in the options BronzeTrophy
6L316fca The Fragments of Memories Recollected the event BronzeTrophy
7Ld85a3d Tohka Wedding Achieved the character ending with Tohka SilverTrophy
8L47a558 Origami Family Achieved the character ending with Origami SilverTrophy
9Ldc3b34 Yoshino Lolita Achieved the character ending with Yoshino SilverTrophy
10Lae616c Kurumi Remains Achieved the character ending with Kurumi SilverTrophy
11L15c0df Itsuka Fortunes Achieved the character ending with Kotori SilverTrophy
12Lf92bc1 Rinne Utopia Achieved the true end GoldTrophy
13L69efd6 Ratatoskr Treasured Data Collection 1 CG recovery rate has exceeded 25% SilverTrophy
14L956870 Ratatoskr Treasured Data Collection 2 CG recovery rate has exceeded 50% SilverTrophy
15L76742b Ratatoskr Treasured Data Collection 3 CG recovery rate has exceeded 75% SilverTrophy
16L3af5dc Ratatoskr Treasured Data Collection Complete Have completed the CG GoldTrophy
17L6038c9 Rinne Fantasia Viewed the If ending for Rinne's route.

This could have been a small miracle.

18L4f481f Siscon Brother You are free from the siscon doubt SilverTrophy
19L4aca72 Melody maniac Have listened all of the BGM.

You are exactly <A melody maniac (Hameln)>

20Lbbb327 Illegal Radio Monitored all communication events.

You are exactly <Illegal radio (Undercover)>

21Ld82229 The Living Conditions Reflection Watched all the events that are not related to the heroine.

You are exactly <Living conditioned reflex (Pavlov)>

22L52c120 A Lost Sheep Doesn't choose any important person.

You are truly <A lost sheep (Stray Sheep)>

23Lf2c318 A Perfect Applicant It causes death with nature by oneself.

You are truly <A perfect applicants (Perfect Suicide)>

24Lcbbd4b Tohka Slide Have a slide date with Tohka SilverTrophy
25L40aa23 Tohka Appetites Saw Tohka eating in a noodle shop SilverTrophy
26Lc0ee4e Origami Accident The ending where Origami involved in an accident has been achieved SilverTrophy
27La6409d Yoshino Twilight Looked at Yoshino and the sunset SilverTrophy
28Leb81d2 Kurumi Shadow The ending which is swallowed in the Kurumi's shadow has been achieved SilverTrophy
29L83104a Itsuka Ghost Took a walk through a night pond with Kotori SilverTrophy
30Leac645 The truth that isn't revealed The ending which is getting killed by the Ruler has been achieved SilverTrophy