Date A Bullet Volume 3

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Release Date April 20, 2018
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040725662
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040725666
Number of Pages 328
Cover Character/s Kurumi Tokisaki
White Queen
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Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet 3 (デート・ア・ライブ フラグメント デート・ア・バレット 3, Dēto A Raibu Furagumento: Dēto A Baretto 3?) is the 3rd story in the Date A Live Fragment side story. It is written by Yuichiro Higashide under Tachibana's supervision. The main artist is NOCO.

Publisher's Summary

Let's begin the escape from the Third Region.

Defeated by the White Queen, Kurumi Tokisaki is trapped in the Third Region. She tries to escape with Hibiki's cooperation...... With her time taken away, Kurumi now looks like a seven year old!?

"So cute......I want to lock you up so I can love you forever...”

"I will murder you."

Fujimi Shobo's Summary

Story Notes

  • Kurumi wakes up in a dungeon in Binah, meets a clone of herself, and is saved by Hibiki who chased after her once she was taken.
  • They leave the dungeon and try to escape Binah before the White Queen returns.
  • Kurumi gets aged down after triggering a trap, and they’re all attacked by a monster named Jabberwocky. They are saved by Carte À Jouer who joins them.
  • They then go fight the Snark after travelling through the castle and succeed, and soon after, return Kurumi to her original age.
  • Kurumi is betrayed by her clone and then swallows her into her shadow.
  • The White Queen returns and they engage in vicious battle with both suffering near fatal injuries.
  • Kurumi staves off the White Queen and escapes Binah with her clone Carte and Hibiki.
  • A new personality within the White Queen takes over following her defeat.
  • Hibiki and Carte are separated from Kurumi during the escape to Hod and are captured and questioned by Retsumi Jugasaki.


  • ○Prologue
  • ○Kurumi's Third Region Binah
  • ○Maze Prison
  • ○An Elegant Time for Hunting
  • ○Suspects
  • ○Tokisaki Kurumi and Tokisaki Kurumi and Tokisaki Kurumi
  • ○Triumph and Decisive Battle
  • ○Epilogue




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