Date A Bullet Volume 2

Date A Bullet 2 Cover

Release Date August 19, 2017
ISBN-10 ISBN 404072240X
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040722405
Number of Pages 344
Cover Character/s Kurumi Tokisaki
Rinemu Kirari
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Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet 2 (デート・ア・ライブ フラグメント デート・ア・バレット 2, Dēto A Raibu Furagumento: Dēto A Baretto 2?) is the 2nd story in the Date A Live Fragment side story. It is written by Yuichiro Higashide under Tachibana's supervision. The main artist is NOCO.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Now――let us commence our warlive

Tokisaki Kurumi and Hibiki were the ones who arrived at the ninth region, however……the condition presented by the ruler to open the following region is――to debut as an idol!?

“Come, Kurumi-san. An idol will have to smile!”

“Pardon me!?”

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

Story NotesEdit

  • Kurumi and Hibiki travel to Yesod and meet with the Dominion, Mizuha Banouin. Mizuha tells them that to pass through her region Kurumi must debut as an AA rank idol.
  • Kurumi trains for a week with Hibiki and debuts at A rank and thus fails. She and Hibiki go to a cafe.
  • They see ex-Dominion Rinemu Kirari and discover that Mayuka Momozono and her bodyguard Rook plan to kill her.
  • Hibiki and Kurumi meet with Rinemu and plan to return her as Dominion in exchange for letting them pass. They go to retrieve the <Voice of the Moon> from the Dream Cradle.
  • They succeed and Kurumi, Rinemu and Tsuan go to perform a concert now that Rinemu’s singing voice is back.
  • Their concert is halted by Rook who steals the Voice of the Moon and kidnaps Mayuka.
  • Upon following Rook to the Dream Cradle, Kurumi and Tsuan fight her.
  • The White Queen appears and engages Kurumi in battle before succeeding and kidnapping her, taking her to Binah.


  • ○Prologue
  • ○The Ninth Region (Yesod)
  • ○Banouin Mizuha
  • ○Kirari Rinemu
  • ○Cradle
  • ○Three Man Group (Unit)
  • ○Sing A Song!
  • ○Luku (Rook)
  • ○And now, White Queen
  • ○Embarking the Unfinished Path




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