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Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet

Date A Bullet Dead or Bullet

Movie Details
English Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet
Release Date(s) August 14, 2020
Theme Songs
Opening Theme Infermata
Ending Theme Only wish
Main Staff
Original Creator Yuichiro Higashide
Original Illustrator NOCO
Director Jun Nakagawa
Screenplay Yuichiro Higashide
Character Design Naoto Nakamura
Composer Go Sakabe
Studio Geek Toys
Distributor Kadokawa
Hot Game Studio
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Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet (デート・ア・バレット デッド・オア・バレット?) is a film that was released on August 14, 2020.

The film is loosely based on Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet spin-off novel series but with an original story written by Yūichirō Higashide.


The girls called Spirits appear from the Neighboring World, which is different from our world, and they bring disaster to the Earth.

Some are naïve, some seek for salvation, and some continue to torture their hearts to achieve their goals...

The Third Spirit, codename <Nightmare>.

She uses the powerful Angel <Zafkiel>, she can manipulate the time to achieve her goals...

Tokisaki Kurumi, the Worst Spirit who carries many secrets with her.

The place she went to was a hidden corner of the world where there were no people or even Spirits.

Kurumi's curtain of war engraved on her left eye is cut off now.

"I was already dead once..."

"Dying and falling here - into this world..."


Dead or Bullet begins with Kurumi Tokisaki and the White Queen confronting one another in what appears to be a church with stained glass windows and murals scattered around, with pews lining the sides of the center corridor. After a brief speech that alludes to what happened previously, both Kurumi and the White Queen spring into action. After both summon their Angel and Demon King, Kurumi fires the first shots. As they clash and trade blows, the battle comes to an abrupt end with the White Queen using Moznaim to get the drop on Kurumi and catch her off guard, firing at her. The fight sequence then ends and is replaced by a pocket watch ticking backward.

After a brief intermission, the sequence goes on to show cuts of the school in Malkuth, and various snippets of what each character is doing in what seems to be preparation for something impending. Then, Kurumi is introduced, seen falling from the sky and landing softly on the ground. She appears to awaken, and is done so by a cat, that Kurumi fondly greets and picks up before surveying the strange area she found herself in. Kurumi’s brief reverie is interrupted by a loudspeaker reciting that there is a short period of time until a game begins. After a clock tower sounds, Isami Hijikata and Tsuan, two participants in the game, are shown battling with one another, with Isami vowing to kill Doll Master, an implied villain. As Kurumi realizes that this game is in fact a Killing Game, she is rudely interrupted by an assault from seemingly nowhere. Dodging the projectile and ushering the cat away as to avoid it being harmed, she turns to face Yui Sagakure, another participant who is in no mood to talk, and instead rushes Kurumi. She is dispatched quickly by Kurumi’s flintlock pistol, but instead of dropping dead, vanishes into thin air, much to Kurumi’s bewilderment.

The scene then transitions to Doll Master, or rather her true identity as Panie Ibusuki. She is shown having recently killed Ayame Takeshita and states that her next plan of action is to deal with the weaklings next, leaving Tsuan, Isami, and Yui for later. Hibiki Higoromo then bolts through the corridors, and is being closely followed by some of the Doll Master’s dolls. She’s sobbing and screaming for help, and just so happens to run directly into Kurumi. She immediately puts her hands up, and upon Kurumi’s orders, dives to the side and lets Kurumi shoot each of the dolls dead. Kurumi then trains her sights on Hibiki, and questions if she should kill her. Hibiki squeals and begs her not to shoot, to which Kurumi decides that Hibiki should aid her in answering questions she has about this strange area and what is going on.

The two then team up, and after introducing themselves, Hibiki discovers that Kurumi is in fact a Spirit, equivalent to Goddesses who came before the Quasi-Spirits, like Hibiki and the other participants. After taking Kurumi’s hands and cheerfully asking her what else she wants to know, Kurumi replies asking why they are supposed to kill one another and where they are. She is answered with two simple responses: they kill each other to try to get their wish granted, and that they are in the Neighboring World, that is described as both Heaven and Hell, yet neither Heaven or Hell, a conjunction or limbo between the two where Quasi-Spirits reside.

After leading Kurumi to the end of the region, which fades out and drops off into nothingness, Hibiki and Kurumi exchange teasing words before Kurumi asks if it’s possible to return to the real world. Hibiki says yes, so long as she wins the Killing Game, and then asks who runs the Killing Game, which is revealed to be Queen. They gloss over that, however, and Hibiki suggests that with her brains and Kurumi’s figurative brawn, they should team up in order to win, but will fight fairly when it comes down to it. Kurumi agrees, and after a brief intermission, Hibiki goes through explaining each participant and a brief run down of their abilities.

Kurumi asks about Hibiki’s wish, to which Hibiki replies that she wants to revive a friend, although her identity remains only alluded to rather than revealed. Hibiki affirms that she was a very important friend, and she would only naturally put her life on the line for this friend’s sake. Kurumi is silent, but mentions they would have to kill each other at the end. But before Hibiki can follow through, they are interrupted by Tsuan. Tsuan asks if Kurumi is a real Spirit, and upon Kurumi confirming, states that she sounds interesting and proceeds to attack her with Lailaps. Kurumi takes to the air to fire down at Tsuan. However, Tsuan follows her and proceeds to hit her with Lailaps, sending her careening through a wall. Kurumi gets up moments later, somewhat unharmed but demoralized as she laments about the ability of her powers. She is then confronted by Panie, and Kurumi aims her weapons at her. But, Panie counters that if she is shot, Hibiki will die, and Kurumi relents. Panie suggests that she and Kurumi should team up, saying that she is more useful than someone like Hibiki, but Kurumi states that she made a promise, and will not go back on it, especially not for a wish as childish as Panie’s. Panie is disgruntled, and uses her dolls to attack Kurumi, but Kurumi ruthlessly shoots them down. Kurumi then appears to have an epiphany, and, emboldened by her wish to go back to the real world, unshackles Zafkiel and summons the giant clockface to her. She then introduces herself again, and Panie is frightened by the sense of power she feels from Kurumi after her epiphany. Panie attacks again, but Kurumi slaughters the doll onslaught with ease and holds Panie at gunpoint. Panie, horrified, whimpers out that Kurumi is a Spirit just like Queen. Kurumi is confused by this, but they are interrupted by the appearance of Tsuan, who demands another brawl. Panie takes the opportunity to flee, and Kurumi has no choice but to leave her and point her gun at Tsuan instead. Yui and Isami both enter shortly after, each demanding blood, and as Kurumi faces their challenge, it cuts to Panie running down a hallway.

Panie is panicking as she runs, and as she asks a question to herself, suddenly appears to run into Queen’s domain. Queen is sitting on her throne, and calmly answers Panie’s question before standing up. Panie is terrified, but the Queen ignores her questions and simply monologues about Kurumi. Finally, Panie asks why she’s here, and Queen responds by thanking Panie for playing just how she wanted her to. Panie is angered by this and tries to attack Queen with a doll, but Queen shoots through the doll and Panie, forcing her to dissipate into Spirit energy and leaving behind a Sephira fragment. The movie then ends as Queen praises Kurumi for her power, beauty, and madness.


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