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Date AST Like
Date AST Like Volume 1
Kanji デート・ア・ストライク
Romanji Dēto A Sutoraiku
Genre Adventure, Action, Sci-fi
Written by Kōshi Tachibana
Illustrated by Kakashi Oniyazu
Published by Dragon Comics Age Magazine
Fujimi Shobo
Original run September 6, 2012 – March 7, 2014
Volumes 4

Date AST Like (デート・ア・ストライク, Dēto A Sutoraiku?) is a spinoff manga featuring Origami Tobiichi's adventures with AST. The manga ran for 4 volumes from September 6, 2012 to March 7, 2014.


May 25, a few days after the threat of a large Spacequake. Mikie Okamine, longing to meet Origami Tobiichi, joins the Anti-Spirit Team (AST).

Mikie, enthusiastic and aspiring to be as strong as Origami, is attacked by a mysterious girl in a Wiring Suit on the first day of enlistment.

Each with their own Cr-Unit, the girls' "Date" (war) has begun.


The story follows the adventures of Mikie Okamine, a young girl enlisted in the AST, a special force that fights against evil Spirits.

The story follows the adventures of Mikie Okamine and Origami Tobiichi. An explosion occurred near Tengu city, thinking that a Spirit appeared, the AST hurried to the place only to find a girl named Ashley Sinclair. The next day, Ashley enrolled to the same school Tobiichi and Okamine are attending.

Later in the story, it is revealed that Ashley is a former member of SSS (Special Sorcery Service), the British equivalent of AST. Together with Leonara Sears and Cecil O'Brien, they hijacked three of the latest CR-Units the Ashcroft series. To stop the three from rampaging Tobiichi and Okamine used the remaining Ashcroft units #1. Alice for Origami and #5. Cheshire Cat for Mikie. The battle wasn't that easy as they discover more unsettling things about the Ashcroft series.

Sometime in the past SSS ace Wizard Artemisia B. Ashcroft decided to leave them for DEM, believing that the advanced technology of the company will help her achieve bringing forth world peace. Unfortunately, Artemisia's memories were stolen from her which left her brain dead. The Okamine Heavy Industries miraculously produce the newest CR-Units, the Ashcroft series, with Artemisia's memories as part of its core program. It is said to provide enough power alone to defeat a Spirit.

The AST soon found out that the Ashcroft, instead of providing superior power against Spirits, is designed to counter the CR-Unit of other Wizards. The units, once worn by a Wizard, creates an imprint which makes it useless for others to use making it solely for the first wearer.

With with Ashcroft #2. Jabberwock, Cecil is capable of creating Anti-Territory fields, Leonora's Ashcroft #3. Lion is capable of heavy bombardment and Ashley obtaining Ashcroft #4. Unicorn she excels greatly with melee combats the trio easily overwhelms the AST. Fortunately, Tobiichi's Ashcroft #1. Alice can protect her from other CR-Unit's Territories and Okamine's Ashcroft #5. Cheshire Cat is fitted with an AI navigation system called Bell, a self-healing function, and a pair of armor-piercing claws called Kitty Fang.

As the battles ensue, Ashley recognizes navigation system Bell as her old friend. 


List of Volumes[]

No. Front cover Summary Table of Contents
Date AST Like Volume 1

Fully led by Tachibana Koshi - yet another "War" (Date) right here!

Mikie Okamine joins the AST Special Forces fighting the Spirits that threaten the world. The next day, she was attacked by a mysterious girl, but a senpai, whom Mikie admires, Tobiichi Origami, came to the rescue. And now the girl is striving to become stronger! But...

  • Chapter 1: Someday Like This
  • Chapter 2: Distinguishing Between Enemy and Ally
  • Chapter 3: Ashcroft
  • Chapter 4: Never Again
  • Chapter 5: Just Like that Child
Date AST Like Vol 2

Ashcroft has been stolen! AST are in a desperate situation!

Former members of the British Special Anti-Spirits Unit known as the SSS have taken away three realizers of the latest Ashcroft series from AST. And before anyone could do anything...Mikie obtained "Cheshire Cat"!

  • Chapter 6: Desired Power
  • Chapter 7: Betting on Death
  • Chapter 8: Okamine Kotaro
  • Extra Chapter: Full Sprint
  • Chapter 10: MIKIE
Date AST Like Vol 3

Why do girls fight? The third part of "War" (Goodbye)!

AST defeats three former British Special Forces members and captures their leader Cecile O'Brien. Mikie tries to unravel the true motives of the trio.

“If we are all opposed to Spirits, then why should we fight each other? She asked Cecile.

  • Chapter 11: Father's Wish
  • Chapter 12: At the End of Hesitation
  • Chapter 13: Artemisia B. Ashcroft
  • Chapter 14: Minerva's Assault!
  • Chapter 15: Becoming Artemisia
  • Chapter 0: Date AST Like Zero
Date AST Like Vol 4

The "Battle" (Date) is over!

To protect Ashcroft's realizers, Mikie and others will have to fight the strongest assassin Minerva Riddell. However, due to the overwhelming power of Minerva, they were cornered...

  • Chapter 16: Entering the Final Decisive Battle
  • Chapter 17: Artemisia's Shadow
  • Chapter 18: Promise
  • Chapter 19: Bell's Voice
  • Chapter 20: Ashcroft Rampage
  • Final Chapter: Date A Strike


  • The title can also be read in katakana as "Date A Strike".
  • The events of Date AST Like occur between Volume 2 and Volume 3 of the main story.


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