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Volume 2[]

Cistus appears at the very end of the volume as an as-yet-unidentified clone of Kurumi Tokisaki, advising the main character, who had been captured by White Queen and taken to the same cell, to find a way to escape and save the Neighboring World.

Volume 3[]

In their cell, Cistus tells Kurumi that she is in Binah, and both of their <Zafkiel> had been confiscated. Cistus also reveals that she is a clone of the real-world Kurumi who had used the eighth bullet <Het> to create such clones. When Cistus mentions that White Queen is an inversion, Kurumi appears to remember something. Finally, Cistus states that she was subject to torture by White Queen, leaving her in her current state. When Kurumi states her intention to go to Keter, Cistus claims it is impossible, as neither Binah nor Chokmah have a Shamayim Kaveesh connecting Keter. Cistus refuses to say any more until both of them are freed.

Fortunately, Kurumi recognizes the Pawn that came into the cell to deliver food to her and Cistus. After the door closes, Hibiki Higoromo's façade breaks and she hugs Kurumi. Cistus is amused that Kurumi has found a friend, yet protests vehemently at being called "the second Kurumi". Hibiki is unable to break the chains by herself, leading Kurumi to suggest retrieving <Zafkiel> for them. When Cistus finds out that White Queen is absent, she suggests that Hibiki should take on White Queen's guise for the time being. She also gives detailed directions to White Queen's armory, where their <Zafkiel> were supposedly taken to. While waiting for Hibiki to return, Cistus asks to know more about her, and Kurumi responds. When Kurumi worries for Hibiki, Cistus suggests that she would be killed if discovered to be in disguise. Hibiki returns at that moment with Kurumi's <Zafkiel>, allowing her to free herself and Cistus.

Despite being freed, Cistus finds herself unable to walk straight, even after getting shot by a <Dalet> from Kurumi, and eventually collapses. Hibiki ends up carrying Cistus on her back. They follow Kurumi as she breaks out of the cell and knocks out the first line of resistance using <City of Devouring Time>. At that moment, White Queen's castle undergoes an internal rearrangement, hindering the escape plans of Kurumi, Hibiki and Cistus. While still trying to escape, Cistus then finds out that Hibiki stole Kurumi's identity before. They reach a flower garden in the middle of the castle, and it is there that Cistus names herself as such. In turn, her Astral Dress turns yellow in color.

Cistus continues to be supported by Hibiki as the trio reach a building on top of a hill. Kurumi's attempt to open the door causes her to de-age into a child and become unable to hold <Zafkiel> properly. Inside the building containing giant furniture is a large monster that begins to speak with multiple voices. Cistus recognizes this as one of White Queen's experiments known as Jabberwocky. She witnesses her traveling companions struggle to keep Jabberwocky at bay until Carte À Jouer, Binah's former Dominion, comes to their rescue. While Carte offers the child Kurumi a way to return to her true age, Cistus and Hibiki whisper among themselves, both unable to trust Carte.

After a few more puzzles, Cistus excuses herself from Hibiki and Carte, bringing the child Kurumi with her to directly confront the Snark. After killing the Snark, they find a time vault. There, Cistus touches each clock in order to gain the energy to stand up on her own, before finally telling Kurumi about her real-world counterpart's goal. Cistus also discloses what she knows about Quasi-Spirits. After inviting Hibiki and Carte back in, Cistus claims that breaking one of the clocks will revert Kurumi back to her correct age.

With less than 15 minutes to go before White Queen's return, Kurumi and Cistus agree to cooperate, with Kurumi lending her rifle. They return to the flower garden, finding Rook there and making quick work of her, before pointing their guns at each other. Both now compete for each other's time. After gaining the upper hand in the gun battle, Cistus delivers the truth - that the Kurumi she faces is also a clone. Kurumi, momentarily stunned by the timing of that statement, decides to focus on the battle first. Her next round of bullets brings Cistus down. When Kurumi tends to her, Cistus admits that she was willing to give up her existence because her memories of "that person" had been stolen by White Queen. As a result, she urges Kurumi to absorb her using <City of Devouring Time>.

During her rematch against White Queen, Kurumi reveals that she has regained <Het>, using it to call forth Cistus. Remembering what Cistus told her, Kurumi taunts White Queen, saying that she too is a clone. White Queen responds by firing an <Arie> towards Kurumi, which chases after her while devouring Empties in its path. Kurumi stops the bullet using <Zayin>, then commands Cistus to fend off Empties. With Cistus' attention turned, and in spite of a child Kurumi emerging from Cistus' shadow to join the fight, White Queen gains the upper hand by slashing off Kurumi's arms and holding her up by the collar. Hibiki and Carte emerge from Cistus' shadow as well, in time to see White Queen struck by her own bullet, due to Kurumi firing <Tet> on it to alter its command. On Kurumi's command, Cistus takes White Queen's saber and swings downwards, opening the door to another region. She throws White Queen's saber to the child Kurumi, then carries Kurumi and both her arms through the door. While still in transition away from Binah, Cistus fires a <Dalet> to repair Kurumi's arms.

Volume 4[]

Upon landing at Hod, Kurumi retrieves Cistus, only calling her back out while scouting the proximity of Kareha Banouin's stronghold for her army. Cistus helps Kurumi absorb some of the rebels. Afterward, both cross the sea to sneak on the rebel faction. Later, in the aftermath of Kurumi's elimination from the war game by Hibiki, whose accomplice cut Kurumi's swimsuit open, Kurumi tries to have Cistus ambush Hibiki when she continues to deny seeing Kurumi's chest.

After rebel leader Retsumi Jugasaki emerges victorious in the decisive battle, she sacrifices herself to protect Kareha from a rogue soldier's attempt on the latter's life. As a result, Kareha flees after striking down the perpetrator. Upon figuring out Kareha's whereabouts, Kurumi summons Cistus again, tasking her to protect Hibiki, Mizuha, and Retsumi from Empties. After Retsumi is revived and she goes with Kurumi, Hibiki, and Kareha to the latter's villa, Kurumi and Hibiki go out for a walk while awaiting dinner. Kurumi summons Cistus to ask for her opinion on Kareha's current state. Cistus merely states that they should watch over Kareha, before retreating to the shadows. Finally, after seeing off Retsumi and Kareha on their date, in what would be Kareha's last moments, Kurumi summons Cistus to help kill any Empty that would approach Kareha and interrupt her date.

Volume 5[]

Cistus is first called upon to choose an ideal slot machine for Kurumi at the Octopus Pot casino. Once found, Kurumi wagers all her Yui Points and wins the jackpot. Cistus helps safeguard most of the 50 million Yui Points that Kurumi won. After being blacklisted from the casinos due to their earlier jackpot win, Kurumi and Cistus think about turning to robbery, only to be interrupted by the visiting Ariadne Foxrot. After two more visiting Dominions in Maya Yukishiro and Oka Miyafuji enter the fray, Cistus grabs Hibiki and brings her into the shadows.

Afterwards, despite being allowed to participate under the poker game's agreed terms, Cistus is instead instructed to gather information about Netzach's Dominion Yuri Sagakure while Kurumi works a part-time job to support herself and maintain Yui Points. On Hibiki's call, Cistus finds out that Kurumi has put on a bunny girl outfit to promote the Octopus Pot casino. On the day of the game, before it starts, Cistus tells Kurumi, who came to the casino early, that Yuri isn't a strong gambler and nothing could be found of the gambling skills of Ariadne, Maya or Oka. She then watches the casino's cameras for any disturbances to report to Kurumi, but none are found.

Cistus and Carte belatedly join the fight against Yuri and her army of mass-produced Yui models.

Volume 6[]

Cistus and Carte go with Maya to her home region of Chokmah. Maya shows them the gate to the Shamayim Kaveesh connecting Chokmah with Keter and requests their help with barricading the gate.

Volume 7[]

Cistus reunites with Kurumi, who had travelled to Chokmah after the events that happened at Gevurah. Cistus learns about the abduction of Hibiki by White Queen, as well as White Queen's true identity being the real Kurumi's best friend Sawa Yamauchi, which leaves Cistus confused since she always thought White Queen was just the discarded inverse of the real Kurumi. During the strategy meeting with Maya, Kurumi lends her rifle to Cistus again. Cistus ultimately helps the Dominions fend off Empties, but isn't seen in action apart from a breather meeting shortly before the real White Queen's arrival.

Volume 8[]

After Hibiki becomes Dominion of Keter, Cistus turns out to be her penultimate interviewee. Cistus proclaims to have gained an identity distinct from Kurumi's, and refuses to qualify herself as a clone of Kurumi. Thus, she announces that she will stay in the Neighboring World. Cistus visits Keter along with Yui, Maya, Haraka and Ariadne in order to say goodbye to Hibiki, who has also decided to leave for the real world. Cistus gives a flower to Hibiki before she departs, while also addressing the departing Kurumi by her name, instead of a pronoun.

Some time after the connection to the real world is severed, Cistus goes to the Dominion conference held somewhere in the Neighboring World, in order to be proclaimed the new joint Dominion of Tiphereth, Hod, and Malkuth by Maya. Cistus isn't happy that she is offered Tiphereth as well, having made the offer to take more than one region jokingly. But before any paperwork can be signed, everyone is informed about the discovery of a new Quasi-Spirit being born, causing them to rush to see it.