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Chokmah (コクマー, Kokumā?) is the Second Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Nia Honjo. The Dominion there is Maya Yukishiro.


Chokmah’s layout is ambiguous; however, it was described to have a single tower-shaped building. This tower is a library that contains every book in the Neighboring World. Chokmah is described to be comprised of books, with even the sky covered in books. The only exception is the floor, which is engraved with letters instead.

History and Culture[]


According to Maya, Chokmah was the starting point for Quasi-Spirits in the Neighboring World. In the past, all Quasi-Spirits lived in hiding there, fearing the Spirits. They then faded away without any meaning. It was the previous Dominion of Chokmah who discovered that Quasi-Spirits can stay alive by having a purpose in life.

After entrusting her knowledge to all the Quasi-Spirits of Chokmah, that Dominion traveled to the other Regions to teach Quasi-Spirits about the secret, allowing the era of Quasi-Spirits to begin after all the Spirits left. [1]


The culture in Chokmah is very matter-of-fact. Quasi-Spirits are tasked with two jobs: reading and learning from the book collection in Chokmah, or going out to secure books in other regions as well as teach others how to rule. Due to the nature of these two tasks, Quasi-Spirits in Chokmah need to excel in both combat and research skills. At the moment, many Quasi-Spirits are spending time devising ways to combat the White Queen for each region.

Becoming the Dominion of Chokmah involves inheriting and dedicating one's life to protect the secret of the region. The secret itself is how the gate to the First Region Keter, which would allow access to unfathomable power at the cost of destroying the current Neighboring World, is hidden underneath the Second Region Chokmah.


  • Chokmah's Compile allows access to Nia Honjo's memories. However, there has yet to be an example provided of such a occurrence during Kurumi's stay in the Neighboring World.

Known Inhabitants[]


Chokmah is directly connected to Tiphereth, Chesed, Binah, and Keter. The pathways to Keter and Binah are closed off. The gate to the First Region Keter is hidden within Reiryoku pipelines underneath the Second Region Chokmah.


  • In Hebrew, Chokmah means wisdom.
  • Chokmah is represented by the color gray, matching Nia's hair color.


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