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Chesed (ケセド, Kesedo?) is the Fourth Region in the Neighboring World and is connected to Yoshino Himekawa. The Dominion there is Ariadne Foxrot.


Chesed's layout remains unknown.

History and Culture[]


After Spirits left and Quasi-Spirits took over, Ariadne Foxrot was eventually appointed Dominion of Chesed, which allowed her access to the secrets of the Neighboring World.


Due to Kurumi Tokisaki never visiting Chesed personally, little is known about Chesed's culture.


Little is known about Chesed; however, the Compile event has subjected many Quasi-Spirits there to falling in love with Shido. However, it is revealed that Ariadne is manipulating those who fall in love with Shido. She uses her Unsigned Angel on them to rewrite their dreams, eliminating their desire to want to leave the Neighboring World to meet Shido.[1]

Known Inhabitants[]


Chesed is directly connected to Netzach, Tiphereth, and Chokmah. The pathway between Netzach and Chesed is closed off.


  • Chesed is a Hebrew word used to describe the kindness or love between people, the devotional piety of people towards God, and the love or mercy of God towards humanity.
  • Chesed is associated with the color blue, matching Yoshino's hair and Sephira Crystal color.
  • Despite Chesed being mentioned various times in the story through its Dominion Ariadne, as a region it never makes an appearance during Date A Bullet.


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