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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Volume 3[]

DAF Bullet 3 05

Carte introducing herself to the trio

Kurumi Tokisaki, Hibiki Higoromo, and Cistus are attacked by the Jabberwocky, a giant Empty agglomerate in the White Queen’s castle. On the verge of being beaten, they are saved by living playing cards, who intercept the Jabberwocky and lead them to an escape route. The cards guide the trio through the castle, stating that they want them to meet their master. After traversing the castle’s halls, they eventually reach a room. Despite the room seeming to be empty, Carte À Jouer appears in a dramatic manner, complete with a flurry of pigeons. She welcomes the trio, and notes that they are there to rebel against the White Queen. Carte then pledges her services and allegiance to Kurumi, the intensity of her words making Kurumi uncomfortable, as well as mistrustful. Carte explains that Kurumi as the Third Spirit is the rightful owner of Binah and akin to a god that has descended to save them.

Carte then goes on to explain how she was removed from her position as Dominion, and that the White Queen’s Dominion rate far exceeds the norm. She also theorizes a way for Kurumi, who was aged down, to regain her age and suggests that they go to another room in the castle that will achieve this. One of Carte’s cards, the Ace of Spades, appears and Carte explains that her cards are lifeforms created from her Reiryoku, and while they don’t have a personality beyond obeying orders, are distinguished by unique speaking patterns so Carte can remember those who died for her and her cause. Carte then resurrects another one of her cards, and after getting into a brief argument with Hibiki, they decide to set off to find the room where Kurumi can age up and defeat the Snark guarding the room. Unbeknownst to Carte, as they travel, Cistus and Hibiki mention to each other that they’re suspicious of Carte.

Upon reaching a room, the group is ambushed by a guillotine and a falling ceiling. Despite all four of the group escaping, one of Carte's cards, the Queen of Hearts is crushed beneath a part of the ceiling. However, as Carte cries over her death, she is revealed to be fine, much to Carte’s distress and relief. The next room introduces a group of Empty hanging by a hook from the ceiling, and Carte immediately suggests that Hibiki should be the one to enter the room first. The idea is quickly shot down by Hibiki, who suggests Carte should go instead, being a former Dominion. Despite Carte's encouragement to Hibiki, Kurumi enters instead to stop their bickering. Triggering the group of Empties after sneezing, Carte and the rest of the group jump in to deal with the Empty. Carte attacks with her cards, however, the group collectively chooses to push through to the next room rather than fight the Empties. Some of Carte's cards sacrifice themselves, while Carte opens the door escape before slamming it shut behind the group. Carte, particularly saddened over Ace of Spades’ fate, sobs and mourns her death, but moments later the card emerges sheepishly explaining that she was largely uninjured. Carte angrily berates her for making her cry needlessly.

They continue on their journey, with Hibiki remarking that Carte is surprisingly strong and uses trickery in her physical battles rather than brute force. Upon reaching the room where Kurumi is expected to retrieve her time, the group are faced with a riddle. Carte pitches in with Hibiki to help, and they ultimately figure out the riddle. Cistus, however, suggests they separate while she and Kurumi enter alone, leaving Carte and Hibiki to guard the door.

The two are eventually let back in after Kurumi and Cistus clear the room, with Carte remarking that spending time with Hibiki was awkward. After Kurumi’s time is restored, she suggests that Carte should regain control over Binah in the White Queen’s absence. Soon after, Kurumi flees in order to chase a Compile down and touch it to retrieve its memories, slaughtering the Jabberwocky in the process. Carte is amazed by this feat, stating that she expected no less from Kurumi. The group then split up, with Hibiki and Cistus going elsewhere.

After some time passes, Carte opts to single out Hibiki and talk to her. She accuses Hibiki of foul play with the intention of harming Kurumi, likely out of jealousy, and surrounds Hibiki with her cards. Hibiki retorts by saying that Carte is the one guilty of having ill intentions. Carte immediately refutes this and accidentally reveals that she had met Cistus previously, blushing as she speaks. Hibiki suspects something, and presses for further information, before she grabs Carte and explains that Cistus must have been working against them, much to Carte's shock.

They then try to track Kurumi and Cistus down, but are intercepted by the White Queen’s soldiers. Despite still arguing with each other, they fight alongside each other, and it is revealed that Carte wants to become Dominion again to save others, save her pride, live freely, and practice magic. They are then saved by bullets gunning down the Empties courtesy of a Kurumi clone.

Finally catching up to Kurumi, Carte, and Hibiki meet up with the other two at the very end of the battle against the White Queen. Without warning, they are thrown into a portal made by the White Queen’s saber in order to escape, much to Carte and her cards’ fear. She and Hibiki come before Retsumi Jugasaki. Having fallen into Hod, and are questioned on whether they were to side with Retsumi- the rebellion force- or Kareha Banouin, the opposing army in Hod.

Volume 4[]

Despite being captured by Retsumi alongside Hibiki, Carte flees Hod stating that the seaside war isn't in line with her image. She takes three of her best playing cards with her, but forgets Ace of Spades. It is later revealed that Carte fled to Netzach ahead of Kurumi and Hibiki in order to gather information and build a stronghold, according to Ace of Spades.

Volume 5[]

While Hibiki and Kurumi are trying to raise money for their inevitable battle against Ariadne, Oka, and Yuri in Texas Hold'em, Carte stumbles across the two. Hibiki immediately calls her out on escaping from Hod, insulting her name in the process. Carte corrects Hibiki before apologizing, and her cards jump out to chime in with greetings. Carte states that she heard Kurumi is going to gamble with the Dominions, and states that she is eager to help her in any way possible. Kurumi accepts the offer, and she tells Carte to lend her appearance to Hibiki. Carte agrees, but she is evidently miffed and asks why she shouldn't participate instead of Hibiki. Kurumi calms her by whispering to her and giving her a different job in secret. It is later revealed that Carte's role was to watch for any dangers when Kurumi and Hibiki were gambling against the Dominions. After the card game concludes, Carte is saddened by the fact that nothing occurred and that she wasn't useful, so she spends her time in a bar with her playing cards comforting her.

Later, as Kurumi, Hibiki, and Ariadne face off against Yui Sagakure, or more specifically against the Mass Produced Yui army, Carte appears to aid them in battle upon the Best Model Yui's order. She announces her presence, and brings out four playing cards to start mowing down the Yui dolls.

Volume 6[]

Carte accompanies Maya and Cistus to the Second Region Chokmah in order to help fortify the defenses of the region.

Volume 7[]

After Kurumi arrives in Chokmah and talks to Maya, she meets with Carte, who had been joyously awaiting her reunion. During the strategy meeting with Maya, Carte is identified as a short-range attacker, and would thus pair up with Ariadne. Carte and her four cards are left standing by the gate to Binah, along with Tsuan, as the others excuse themselves for private conversations. Ace of Spades in particular berates Carte for being too emotional, hence, losing her Dominion status with ease. Carte, admitting that she is poor at communication, decides to shut herself in at the end of the upcoming showdown.

Soon, White Queen's Three Executives arrive at Chokmah and engage the Dominions and Kurumi. Kurumi tasks Tsuan, Ariadne and Carte with destroying the Empties that come out of the gate. Carte finds herself having to avoid Ariadne's thread attacks more than once. In turn, she alerts Ariadne to an Empty creeping up behind her with a Nitro Dress, but to no avail, and Ariadne is only saved by Kurumi's timely intervention. Carte's cards then mow down a few Empties. Soon, White Queen herself appears to join the battle, giving the Empties a morale boost to turn the tide of battle in their favor. After Kurumi outs White Queen as a decoy that is in fact Hibiki, and Hibiki regains consciousness in order to then help Kurumi defeat the Three Executives, the real White Queen turns up with her own army of clones. Carte's four playing cards sacrifice themselves to the clone army's assaults, leaving her with no choice but to create more cards through her Unsigned Angel. Later on, when four more Dominions including Rinemu Kirari join the fight against the clones, Carte helps hurl Rinemu into the air to locate the key clones via her hearing.

Volume 8[]

Carte is among the Quasi-Spirits interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Although Carte had resumed her role as Dominion of Binah after White Queen's demise, she decides to abdicate this position in order to leave the Neighboring World and tour the real world. She is seen off by a small group of Binah residents visiting Keter, and her playing cards follow her through the gate.

In the real world, Carte happens to make a living touring as a jongleur, with her playing cards passed off as ventriloquism.