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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Kurumi Tokisaki[]

Carte views Kurumi as a goddess, and she is often amazed by anything Kurumi does or says. She pledges her allegiance to Kurumi when they first meet and originally wants to serve as her limbs, or an extension of Kurumi's will. However, she settled for the role of a sidekick when Kurumi expressed her discomfort with someone serving under her so devotedly. She aims to be Kurumi’s most loyal follower, revering Kurumi as a savior and the true ruler of Binah. Carte also notedly blushes whenever talking about either Kurumi or Cistus.


Carte first met Cistus when the Kurumi clone was kept prisoner by the White Queen. She quickly became devoted to her after admiring her noble personality through repeated visits to Cistus’ prison. However, Cistus has used that devotion to her advantage, such as asking Carte to keep their familiarity a secret to the rest of their allies.

Hibiki Higoromo[]

Carte is well aware of Hibiki's dislike towards her, and as such appears to harbor mutual feelings of disdain. However, Carte isn't as forward with her insults as Hibiki and still addresses her respectfully despite the mutual bad blood between them. She also tends to brush aside Hibiki's snarky comments or simply correct her rather than fire back. Like Hibiki, Carte will also set aside their differences in order to work towards a common goal. By the end of their journey through the Third Region Binah, the two have grown close enough to communicate with each other non-verbally. However, their communication still contains open insults to each other.

White Queen[]

Having been ousted from her position of Dominion of Binah by the White Queen, Carte holds a considerable grudge against the Inverse Kurumi clone for her actions of turning Binah into a twisted and demented wonderland. However, Carte is also well aware that the White Queen's powers far exceed her own. As a result, rather than go down fighting, she went into hiding in Binah, bidding her time until Kurumi's arrival allowed her to strike back.

Her Cards[]

Carte appears to care deeply for her cards. She insists that they all come up with unique patterns of speech so she can remember those who perished for her, and grieves over their deaths despite being able to revive them on a dime. Her cards respect her, and Carte appears to give that same respect back. Carte appears to use some of her cards more than others, such as Ace of Spades, and thus seems to have a stronger relationship with that particular card over the others.

Her cards' relationship with her extends beyond those of servants and their master, and the cards seek to comfort Carte when she feels down and endeavors to echo the same kindness Carte has towards others, particularly Kurumi.