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Japanese (Ruby) カマエル
Japanese (Base) 灼爛殲鬼
Base meaning Bright Burning Annihilating Demon
Rank AA-rank Angel
Novel Debut Volume 3
Anime Debut Episode 9

Camael (灼爛殲鬼カマエル, Kamaeru?) is the Angel of fire corresponding to the fifth sephira. Its original wielder is Kotori Itsuka, and it normally takes the form of a red-black halberd.


Similar to the mythical phoenix able to resurrect itself after burning its body to ashes, users of <Camael> are able to heal by covering their wounds, even fatal ones, in blue-purple flames. This ability can protect the user from certain death as long as they have enough Reiryoku. It also reverses all physical damage done to the person as if it never happened.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Kotori has wielded <Camael> as an offensive tool, but because she is prone to destructive impulses when using <Camael> this way, she would only consider aggressive use of <Camael> as a last resort. While in command of <Camael>, Kotori can spew flames not only from her halberd, but from her Astral Dress as well. She has displayed control of <Camael> fine enough to incinerate one of Kurumi's clones holding Shido hostage without harming Shido himself.

  • Megiddo (メギド, Megido?. lit. "Cannon"): <Camael> can be reconfigured into a cannon for more direct blasts of fire. <Megiddo> has also powered up Fraxinus' own Spirit-powered cannon, <Gungnir>, on more than one occasion. <Megiddo>'s intense heat caused Shido to suffer even while standing directly behind Kotori. Origami believes that she would have been badly burned from the residual heat, even after narrowly dodging its direct blast during the battle royal, if she was not wearing her Astral Dress.

Shido Itsuka[]

Shido's access to <Camael> dates back to five years before the start of the main story, with Kotori being the first Spirit to be sealed by Shido, shortly after she had been bestowed with the corresponding Sephira Crystal. Mio prioritized <Camael>'s sealing to ensure that Shido wouldn’t be killed so easily as Shinji. This ability is also useful for Shido because it heals the damage he sustains from using Angels as a human. However, the pain and fatigue from using other powers are still felt. Shido speculates that the ability will not activate for minor injuries within the scope of natural healing. There is also a limit to how much the flames can heal if Shido's body had already been injured. Before Kurumi reset time to save him, Ellen was able to successfully kill Shido by decapitating him after the flames were already preoccupied with a fatal chest wound. During his Reiryoku high, Shido displayed a greater level of skill in manipulating his flames, using them to light decorative ice candles.

Because Shido was unconscious when Kotori kissed him during the first sealing, he didn't know that he had this ability until the events of Yoshino Puppet. Neither he nor Kotori knew where the ability came from until after Shido had to seal Kotori again in Itsuka Sister.

Shido has since been able to use <Camael> offensively by spewing flames from his hands, although only as a desperation attempt against Mio after she had killed Kotori and retrieved her Sephira Crystal. After the timeline is rewound, Shido's one other offensive use of <Camael> is through indirectly channeling its power, alongside the nine other Angels, to deliver a punch that floors Westcott.


The parallel-world Spirit codenamed <Beast> has indirect access to <Camael> via the Fifth Sword (五番目の剣, Gobanme no Ken?), which has an axe-shaped hilt. By stabbing the Fifth Sword into the ground, flames burst out of the ground like a volcano. <Beast> uses this sword during her first encounter with Shido in his world.


  • Camael means "The severity of God."
  • Megiddo is an ancient city in Israel whose Greek name is Armageddon. It was prophesized as a location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times. This has since given rise to the modern meaning of "armageddon".