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Volume 4[]

The first Bishop, whose appearance is left undescribed, is seen with Knight and Rook kneeling in front of White Queen after they are informed about the death of Kareha Banouin.

Volume 5[]

After Yuri Sagakure's death, a voice calls out to the still-unidentified Bishop from somewhere. That voice claims to be an AI that inherited Yuri's wish, and requests for Bishop to kill Kurumi in co-operation with the AI's control of Yuri's mansion. Ultimately, Oka Miyafuji outs herself as Bishop and attempts to kill Kurumi, but is stopped twice, then killed by a rogue Yui model. Kurumi, in charge of solving the murder mystery, then deduces that Oka had no reason to kill Yuri. This, coupled with her knowledge of White Queen's ulterior motives, convinces her that Yuri's death was staged, and that Yuri is the real Bishop still in hiding somewhere. It is also revealed that Yuri became Bishop before she became the Dominion of Netzach.

Yuri is killed for real, and news of this returns to White Queen, who promotes another Empty into a Bishop.

Volume 7[]

The second Bishop, described as having blue hair, is first seen at the gate leading to Chokmah from Binah, along with Knight and Rook. They discuss their strategy to defeat the enemy, which the Knight identifies as Kurumi and claims to know well.

The Three Executives proceed towards Chokmah unhindered, where Kurumi is already waiting for them. Knight engages Kurumi first, having already tasked Rook and Bishop with engaging the others. They then hide away, only to be called out later to engage in a three-on-one against Kurumi. Knight is defeated, but fortunately for Rook and Bishop, White Queen arrives to galvanize them. On her command, they charge at Kurumi, who responds by shooting <Aleph> at herself and dodging. They stop when Kurumi calls White Queen by the name Hibiki, and eventually brings Hibiki's consciousness back. Bishop's attempt to support Rook against Hibiki fails when Kurumi engages her. Kurumi easily dispatches Bishop with two shots.