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Binah (ビナー, Binā?) is the Third Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Kurumi Tokisaki. The former Dominions there were White Queen and Carte À Jouer. After the White Queen's death and Carte's departure to the real world, Maya is left struggling to find a replacement Dominion for Binah.


The main attraction of Binah is the White Queen’s castle. It is a large castle that features an armory filled with Unsigned Angels and Astral Dresses, a torture dungeon, a room where backup time is stored for the White Queen, and various other rooms that hold the White Queen’s experiments. There is also a throne room and a garden within the castle.

History and Culture[]


Binah is described as a land where horror stories intertwine with fairy tales. Previously ruled by Carte À Jouer, Binah used to be a place where weak Quasi-Spirits could hide and seek asylum. In order to facilitate this, Carte used Binah’s ability to alter time and shadows to provide hidden shelters. The egregious use of this resulted in a time lag between Binah and the other regions, with time flowing slower there than in the others. After being ousted by the White Queen, Binah fell under her control and is now made up of her devoted army, with the castle presumably being altered to suit her tastes as well. Carte was found hiding within the castle by Kurumi and Hibiki in Volume 3.

As of Volume 4, the White Queen's forces in Binah are in the midst of a war against Haraka's disciples in the Fifth Region Gevurah.


Binah is the White Queen’s headquarters. Since she owns over 95% of the region, she and her three executives can freely manipulate and reshape the layout of the region as they please. So far, Rook has demonstrated this ability in order to hide important areas like the time storage vault after Kurumi Tokisaki escaped from her prison.

The lifestyle in Binah can be best described as brainwashed. Everyone who lives there, barring Carte, is under the mind control of the White Queen. They are all fanatically devoted to her, and happy to die for her sake. She often commands them to launch assaults on other regions, such as Gevurah, and has a handle on Empty outside of Binah as well. The White Queen experiments on her subjects and creates monstrosities from them, though none of her actions are condemned nor seen as strange due to how obsessively devoted everyone in Binah is to her.


Due to the White Queen's obsession with the boy from the other world, she likes to hoard any memories generated during the Compile for herself. According to her subordinates, the White Queen has the look of a maiden blushing in love when experiencing those memories. During her time in Binah, Kurumi Tokisaki, who had since lost her memories, experienced one of her own memories through the Compile. It was a memory of when she snuck into Shido Itsuka's room while dressed in a Santa Claus costume.

Known Inhabitants[]


Binah is directly connected to Gevurah, Tiphereth, Chokmah, and Keter. Binah is completely isolated from the other regions as the Dominions have sealed the pathways off to ensure their safety and to stave away White Queen’s forces. The exception to this is Gevurah, as the pathway was left open under Haraka Kagarike's discretion to ensure a tactical advantage by funneling the White Queen's soldiers into Gevurah.


  • According to the Afterword of Date A Bullet Volume 3, Binah is based on Alice in Wonderland.
  • Various creatures here like the Jabberwocky and the Snark are named after works done by Lewis Carroll.



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