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Astral Dresses (霊装, Reisō, lit. "Spiritual Raiment"?) are the equippable armor used by Spirits.


Spirits are capable of summoning Astral Dresses alongside their Angels, with each Spirit's outfit just as varied in form and durability. They are noted to have a supernatural luminescence, as if the Spirit is wearing a film of light. Their appearance sometimes influences the individual codenames that each Spirit is given. In their Inverse Form, the Astral Dress typically becomes darker in coloration, assuming a more malicious and revealing appearance. After being sealed, Spirits can only summon a Limited Astral Dress (限定霊装, Gentei Reisō?) in which portions of their Astral Dress mesh with their current outfit.

Astral Dresses are extraordinarily durable, being virtually impenetrable to ordinary weaponry and sustaining both the Anti-Spirit Team's and DEM's Realizer attacks. Even when damaged, a Spirit can use their Reiryoku to repair and recreate their Astral Dress. Some Spirits have abilities that merge their Angels with their Astral Dress, such as Yoshino's <Shiryon> and Tohka's <Ratelibish>. Because they are made of Reiryoku, they disappear into light particles once the Spirit is sealed by Shido Itsuka.

Being in possession of Sephira fragments as their source of power, Quasi-Spirits also have access to Astral Dresses for defensive measures. In the Ninth Region Yesod, Astral Dresses are treated like sparkling idol costumes that help raise the excitement for live performances. Some Quasi-Spirits have also shown specialized abilities through their Astral Dress. For instance, Yui Sagakure can use hers for camouflage purposes, and Tsuan’s Brinicle comes with a defensive feature that freezes anything that comes into contact with it. Quasi-Spirits are also able to combine multiple Astral Dresses to form an explosive known by the term Nitro Dress.

List of Spirit Astral Dresses

Astral Dress Number Spirit Astral Dress Name Rank
Number 00 Mio Takamiya Yah SSS-Class
Number 01 Origami Tobiichi Ehyeh AA-Class
Number 02 Nia Honjo Yod C-Class
Imaginary Number 02 Nibelcole Chaigidel-Yeled C-Class
Number 03 Kurumi Tokisaki Elohim C-Class
Number 04 Yoshino Himekawa El B-Class
Number 05 Kotori Itsuka Elohim Gibor A-Class
Number 06 Mukuro Hoshimiya Eloah A/AAA-Class [1]
Number 07 Natsumi Kyouno Adonai Tzabaoth C-Class
Number 08 Yamai Sisters Elohim Tzabaoth B-Class/AAA-Class[2]
Number 09 Miku Izayoi Shaddai El Chai C-Class
Number 10 Tohka Yatogami Adonai Melek AAA-Class

List of Quasi-Spirit Astral Dresses

Astral Dress Number Quasi-Spirit Astral Dress Name
Number 133 Hibiki Higoromo Breeching Air
Number 63 Aiai Nogi Angeldust
Number 79 Ayame Takeshita Alnasl
Number 34 Yui Sagakure Izuna
Number 52 Panie Ibusuki Victoria
Number 15 Tsuan Brinicle
Number 78 Isami Hijikata Kuroito Odoshi
Number 28 Sheri Musika Yaqut
Number 43 Furue Tonami Skywalk
Number 17 Kareha Banouin Bleume Ales
Number 30 Ariadne Foxrot Nightfall


  • All of the Astral Dresses used by Spirits are named after the divine names of God, representing each respective Sephirah in the Kabbalah.
    • Although there are some discrepancies, as the names of God from Sephiroth positions 1–10 and their meanings are actually:
      1. Ehyeh/Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh "I Will Be What I Will Be"
      2. Yah "The Lord"
      3. Yahweh Elohim "The Lord God"
      4. El "God"
      5. Elohim Gibor "God is Hero"
      6. Eloah
      7. Yahweh Tzaboath "Lord of Hosts"
      8. Elohim Tzaboath "God of Hosts"
      9. Shaddai El-Chai "The Almighty Living God"
      10. Adonai ha-Aretz "The Lord of the Earth"
    • Part of this can be explained by the fact that according to Jewish tradition "Yahweh" (the 'true' name of God) is never spoken out loud and "Adonai" ('lord' or 'my lord') is always said in its place.
  • Despite also having ranks, the Inverse Spirits' Astral Dresses were not given a name in Date A Live Material. However, the pseudo-Spirit Nibelcole born from the Demon King Beelzebub has an Astral Dress named after the second Qlipha Chaigidel.
  • Unlike the Spirits' Astral Dresses, the Astral Dresses of Quasi-Spirits tend to be miscellaneous and lack a shared common theme.
  • When conceptualizing a Spirit's Astral Dress, Tachibana determines one theme for their codename and a second theme for appearance, with occasionally the two themes overlapping like with Sister and Witch. Tachibana decides on the former on his own, but seeks Tsunako's expertise for the latter due to his unfamiliarity with fashion.[3]
  • Unlike previous seasons, the Spirits in Seasons 4 and 5 lack their Limited Astral Dresses, with the exception of Origami combining Metatron with her Brunhild CR-Unit. Despite this, Tachibana clarifies their strength is still limited. [4]


  1. Mukuro's Astral Dress changes to AAA-Class upon using Shifuru.
  2. Kaguya and Yuzuru both have B-class Astral Dresses. But their fused form Yamai Kazamachi's Astral Dress is AAA-class.
  3. Light Novel Volume 18, Afterword