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Arubi Island

Arubi Island

Location Information
Kanji 或美島
Romaji Arubi Shima
English Arubi Island
Novel Volume 5
Anime Date A Live Ⅱ Episode 2

Arubi Island (或美島, Arubi Shima?) is a tourist destination located in the Philippine Sea south of Tengu City. The island is midway in-between the Izu archipelago and the Ogasawara islands. The area of ​​Arubi Island is around 70 square kilometers. The events of Volume 5 of the light novel transpire here.


30 years ago, the natural shape of the island was destroyed by Spacequakes, or rather, the northern part of the island was completely erased as if scraped out. Therefore, the shape of the coast resembles a crescent moon. Recently, the northern part of Arubi was redeveloped into a new tourist attraction. This area was also very well equipped with powerful Spacequake warning systems, which were not inferior to those implemented in Tengu City. The unusual shape of the island and beach attracted tourists not only from Japan, but also from all over the world. However, the threat of Spacequakes caused many casualties in the past, and the island's native population continued to decline.


During the events of Yamai Tempest, DEM used their connections to a tourist agency to change Shido's class trip from Okinawa to this location. After arriving here, Shido first met the Yamai sisters and then sealed them.

Notable Locations[]

  • Akaru Airport (あか空港, Akaru Kūkō?): An airport located on the island with its own built-in runway, allowing tourists to access the island by air travel rather than via boat. [1]
  • Museum: A tourist spot where objects of cultural interest are stored and exhibited. The rest of Shido's class visits there while Shido and Tohka are separated from the group, which leads to them meeting the Yamai twins for the first time.
  • Ryokan: A Japanese-style hotel that is equipped with hot springs to relax and relieve fatigue.


  • While at full power, both Kaguya and Yuzuru claim they could easily summon a hurricane to completely destroy the island.
  • During the events of Spirit Trip, the group revisits the island, with MARIA hosting a trivia contest during the island's 35th anniversary.


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