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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Natsumi Search[]

Artemisia is briefly mentioned by Ellen, who says she would be a good candidate for the Adeptus position if she wasn't still in a coma.

Itsuka Disaster[]

In the new timeline, Artemisia Bell Ashcroft has replaced Mana Takamiya as DEM's Adeptus 2. While the DEM operatives are transporting the Second Spirit, Nia Honjo, out of Neryl Island, they are attacked by Kurumi's clones, who are seeking Nia. The DEM Wizards are quickly overwhelmed until Artemisia appears. Wearing a CR-Unit resembling Ellen's <Pendragon>, she instantly beheads several clones. Afterward, she uses her Territory to paralyze all the clones and then secures the transport's departure by slaughtering the Kurumi clones.

Nia Creation[]

While Westcott, Ellen, and Artemisia are heading towards Nia's location, Westcott notices that Shido succeeded in developing a bond with Nia. Then, he activates a Realizer in her brain that causes her to go Inverse. When Ellen says that she is ready to confront Nia and the Spirits, Westcott adds that he is counting on Artemisia to help Ellen.

DAL v13 11

Artemisia, Ellen, and Westcott preparing to leave

A few minutes later, when the Spirits are fighting Ellen and the shadows made by <Beelzebub>, Shido, who was about to save Nia, is attacked by Artemisia. She keeps Shido away with her Territory, and then stabs Nia. Origami is the only one who recognizes Artemisia and asks why she is here. Artemisia puts her hand on Nia's chest and starts mumbling something. After this, she removes the Qlipha Crystal from Nia's body. Westcott arrives, and Artemisia presents him the Crystal, giving him command of the Demon King <Beelzebub>. After Westcott talks to Shido for a moment, he decides that this is enough for today, and the three of them leave.

Sometime later, Westcott investigates <Beelzebub>'s powers and learns that Shido rewrote history with Kurumi's help. He also notices that the Demon King is incomplete. However, he is satisfied with the results and tells Ellen that he has high expectations for both her and Artemisia.

Mukuro Planet[]

DAL v14 c03

Artemisia encourages Ellen to go now

During a training session to improve their physical endurance without using a Realizer, both Artemisia and Ellen end up swimming in the facility pool. While Artemisia is gracefully swimming lap after lap, Ellen struggles to complete a single lap despite using a kickboard.

At that moment, the loudspeaker announces for her and Ellen to report to Westcott's office. As Ellen struggles to go up the numerous, she complains that it must be because she already exhausted herself swimming. Artemisia, who is effortlessly climbing up the staircase, notes that she did more laps in the pool than Ellen. Seeing that they need to be punctual, Artemisia sweeps Ellen off her legs and carries her as she speeds through the rest of the stairs, much to Ellen's protest and embarrassment. After arriving, Westcott tells them both that <Beelzebub> has received some interference because of <Sister>'s actions. However, he was still able to use its power to pinpoint the location of a new Spirit. When asked where the Spirit is, Westcott gives a devilish smile and points to the sky.

Mukuro Family[]

DAL v15 01

Artemisia vs. Origami

While Ellen and the rest of DEM are dealing with the new Fraxinus EX, Artemisia leaves the ship with her CR-Unit and ambushes Shido as he is fending off Mukuro's attacks. However, she is intercepted by Origami, who has arrived just in time to fend her off. Despite Origami wearing <Brunhild>, the latest CR-Unit created by Asgard Electronics, Origami was still at a disadvantage due to Artemisia's superior skills as a Wizard. As they clash, Artemisia notices that Origami's lance is designed to subtly absorb leftover magic in its surroundings to sharpen the edge of the blade. As a result, Origami would probably win in a battle of stamina. She then asked why a Wizard would be helping a Spirit. Seeing that she is at a disadvantage, Origami summons her limited Astral Dress, fusing her powers as a Spirit with her skills as a Wizard. Finally noticing that Origami is the Spirit that interfered with her mission against <Sister>, she now states that she could slay her without remorse.

As the battle continues, Origami asks Artemisia why she left the SSS to join DEM. However, that merely provokes a confused response, which causes her to question what the SSS is supposed to be. Viewing it as provocation from the enemy, Artemisia chooses to ignore Origami's question and continue the fight. The conflict erupts into a stalemate, with her laser blast clashing equally against Origami's <Metatron>. However, the battle is interrupted by them noticing <Goetia> retreating back to Earth. Despite remarking that Ellen's loss is unexpected, she hasn't failed her objective yet, since her orders are to eliminate the Spirits. Before leaving, she releases a large blast from a magic cannon towards Mukuro and Shido's coordinates.

As Ellen is racing to find Westcott, she runs into Artemisia, who states that she came back from the weapon storage room as fast as she could. Ellen rebukes Artemisia's attempts to check her injuries, asking if the second Adeptus only wished to mock her. Much to Ellen's frustration, they find Westcott in the middle of a Realizer treatment to recover from his wounds. Despite this, the DEM director happily waves his severed limb in front of both Ellen and Artemisia. He admits that he was magnificently defeated by Ratatoskr. Nevertheless, the front half of his severed arm was successfully recovered, so he should still make a full recovery by tomorrow. After hearing the medical staff's concern over continuing his treatment, Westcott tells them that he will have to postpone their chat until the next day, and they should go heal their own wounds in the meantime.

Kurumi Refrain[]

After her battle against Origami, Artemisia is left confused over how Origami seems to have recognized her. While searching through DEM's database, she finds no significant information about the former AST Wizard other than technical details about the former's Wizard rank and the fact that she had left the AST on leave. Ellen finds Artemisia in the middle of her search for answers. After quietly reassuring Artemisia that nothing is wrong, the two then depart for Westcott's office.

During the covert operation to assassinate Shido, Artemisia remains in close contact with Ellen. Mana's intervention forces Ellen to request Artemisia's reinforcement, only for her to hear static noise from Artemisia's side, implying that Mana defeated Artemisia. Much later, Artemisia is seen safe and well during a DEM headquarters meeting which Westcott later joins, and they realize that Kurumi is repeatedly interfering with their plans. A flashback to a successful assassination attempt on Shido shows that Artemisia was complicit, cutting off Kurumi's arm just as she summoned <Zafkiel>.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

As DEM begins its all-out war against <Ratatoskr>, Artemisia is deployed to the frontlines. There, she is targeted by a team led by Origami in order to use her analyzed brainwaves to nullify the Bandersnatch. Before the battle, she questions Origami on why the former AST Wizard seems so familiar. To which, Origami replies back that she has been brainwashed by the AST. While slightly amused by the suggestion, she refuses to place her trust in Spirits as she draws out her sword.

Despite Origami combining her limited Astral Dress with her new CR-Unit, Artemisia manages to draw the battle out into a stalemate. Seeking a distraction to claim the advantage, Artemisia thought that the AST members arriving on the battlefield were to provide support for herself. However, after being betrayed by DEM far too many times, the AST squad opens fire on her instead, much to Artemisia's shock. As the battle grew more desperate, Artemisia deliberately used her Territory to distort her body to the point of injuring herself in order to both dodge Origami's attack and land a decisive blow on her foe. However, that was within Origami's expectations, as their battle merely served as a distraction for Mukuro to sneak up behind her and use <Michael> to unlock her sealed memories. As she begins to lose consciousness from her memories flooding back, the last thing she sees is Origami being greeted by the AST team.

Mio Game Over[]

After being defeated, Origami entrusts her former AST teammates with the role of transporting the now-unconscious Artemisia to Fraxinus. After arriving there, MARIA requests that the AST members further transfer Artemisia to airship <Ulnus>, led by Karen Mathers. The AI requests this because <Fraxinus> was about to enter ground zero in confronting Mio Takamiya and Karen was more than capable of completing the job of analyzing her brainwaves.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, while the Spirits are scattered throughout Tengu City to save their friends, Artemisia is a part of Westcott's elite vanguard that leads a direct assault into Fraxinus. The DEM group is confronted by Shido, who is supported by Kotori and Mana. However, DEM's superior numbers allow them to take an early advantage and nearly suppress Shido's side. But at that moment, Kurumi arrives from the shadows to ambush Westcott, stealing and purifying his Sephira Crystal in the process. As Ellen rushes to bring Westcott to safety, Artemisia obeys Ellen's order to withdraw and assists in the formation of the Territory to help carry Westcott to safety.

Much later, under Westcott's orders, Artemisia assists in the ritual to turn Westcott into the Second Spirit of Origin. With Westcott's newfound power, he grants Artemisia and Ellen a portion of his Reiryoku, empowering both Wizards to the point of easily being able to overwhelm Mana and Origami. Westcott then orders them to cut off the Spirits' hands and feet so they can helplessly watch the end of the world. Artemisia comments on the harshness of the order, but relents that it couldn't be helped since they were Spirits. Just as Artemisia closes in on Tohka, she suddenly retreats back after noticing Shido and Mio emerging from the cocoon. During the final battle, Artemisia and Ellen both assist Westcott against the sealed Spirits, who have now gained access to their full power thanks to Mio.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

One year after the final battle, Artemisia's memories of DEM have mostly been erased. However, she can still vaguely remember fighting against Origami in outer space. Now a college student studying psychology, she meets up with Origami and the other AST members at a café to discuss the current status of DEM and what will likely happen to the AST now that Spirits have disappeared for over a year. During the conversation, Artemisia receives a message from her friend Ashley and has to excuse herself early. Despite her initial protests, Ryouko offers to cover her portion of the bill, while in turn doing so under the condition that Artemisia continues meeting up with them more in the future.