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Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott[]

Westcott is Artemisia's boss. Due to her brainwashing, she is unquestionably loyal to him, even though her normal self distrusted DEM. After Westcott's death, Artemisia's memories of working for the DEM director were erased, although she still can vaguely recollect some events that transpired during her employment there.

Ellen Mira Mathers[]

The two Adeptus Wizards frequently fight together as Westcott's most powerful subordinates. Artemisia is the only person in DEM aside from Westcott who addresses Ellen by her first name, and she can speak casually to her without the fear that most DEM subordinates show to the World's Strongest Wizard. She places considerable faith in Ellen's skill, and is shocked when Ellen is defeated by the Fraxinus EX.

Special Sorcery Service[]

Artemisia befriends and inspires Ashley Sinclair despite her bad temper, Leonora Sears despite her cowardice, and Cecile O'Brien despite her disabilities. As a result, the three are fiercely dedicated to saving her when her brain is abused by DEM.

Origami Tobiichi[]

Artemisia and Origami met during the events of Date AST Like. Although brief, they ended on good terms with one another despite the confrontation between the AST and SSS.

However, in the new timeline, they are on opposing sides. Artemisia, having suffered a complete alteration of her memories, has no recollection of her previous life experiences and does not remember both her former colleagues and Origami.

Mikie Okamine[]

While Artemisia was in a coma, part of her consciousness from her brainwaves was used to create the support AI Bell for Mikie's Ashcroft CR-Unit. As such, despite not personally knowing Mikie, Artemisia quickly befriended her after waking up from her long slumber.