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Volume 3[]

Ariadne first appears in the Dominion conference hosted in the Sixth Region Tiphereth. There, the Dominions discuss Kurumi Tokisaki's presence in the Neighboring World and the threat that the White Queen holds by manipulating the Empty population. Throughout the vast majority of the meeting, Ariadne is dozing off and half-asleep. Once the White Queen interrupts the meeting, Ariadne is seen opening an eye and preparing to fight. However, the White Queen vanishes through her Virgo Sword Betulah before a battle can occur.

Afterwards, the Dominions begin to discuss what to do next. After it was decided that Haraka would head to the Tenth Region Malkuth to secure it, the Fifth Region Dominion asks Ariadne to take care of Gevurah if her disciple Tsuan couldn't handle the leadership role. Despite being reluctant at first, Haraka's pestering causes Ariadne to agree before returning back to her region.

Volume 5[]

Traveling to the Seventh Region Netzach with the other Dominions, Ariadne wakes up from her sleeping bag after a long nap. As a Yui model offers to take her to the Dominion, Yuri, Ariadne declines the invitation and instead decides to wander around at her own leisure. While walking around through a casino, she sees Kurumi, who she briefly mistakes for the White Queen.

After hearing Kurumi and her subordinates planning to rob places for Yui Points, Ariadne appears to them, and when threatened at gunpoint, is backed up by visiting Dominions Oka Miyafuji and Maya Yukishiro. Yuri then arrives, and the Dominions agree to challenge Kurumi to a game of Texas Hold'em, with 50 million Yui Points at stake, enough to unlock Kurumi's access to Tiphereth. Before the game, Yuri and Ariadne agree to allow Hibiki Higoromo to join the game regardless of disguising herself as Carte À Jouer.

Ariadne shows off her poker prowess to survive both Oka and Hibiki, but ultimately loses at the final betting round to Kurumi. Yuri then invites the Dominions, Kurumi and Hibiki to her mansion home. At Yuri's home, Maya, Oka and Ariadne manage to get Kurumi to talk with them again, by herself. Kurumi reveals what she knows, and eventually the Dominions agree to fight on her side against White Queen. The next day, Yuri is found dead. Ariadne's only suggestion for what happened at the time was suicide. Pleading innocence, Ariadne claims that her Unsigned Angel's powers are unable to kill in less than five seconds. An AI system in Yuri's home traps the visitors with a threat to blow up multiple Yui dolls inside.

Eventually, Oka outs herself as the Bishop serving under White Queen, and attempts to kill Kurumi, but Ariadne stops her by using <Taiintaiyounijuyonsetsuki> to block her senses. Before Oka can say anything, a model of Yui kills Oka and takes her Sephira fragment. Kurumi correctly guesses that none of them killed Yuri, and the mansion's AI system is in fact Yuri herself operating from elsewhere. In response, Yuri summons a seemingly endless army of Yui models to attack Kurumi, Hibiki, Maya, and Ariadne. Ariadne makes full use of her Unsigned Angel's combat capabilities to keep the Yui models at bay, including by being able to manipulate some Yui models to fight each other. However, she is instructed by Maya to not absorb any Sephira fragments from the defeated Yui models. By the time Carte and Cistus join the fight on Ariadne's side, Yuri's senses are disabled by the real Yui, allowing Ariadne and her allies to make light work of the remaining Yui models.

After Yuri is killed for real, Maya tasks Ariadne with guiding Kurumi and Hibiki to Gevurah.

Volume 6[]

After discussing the scenario at hand with Maya, Ariadne travels along with Kurumi and Hibiki to the Fifth Region Gevurah. However, despite supposedly being their guide to the region, Ariadne decides to lie down and take a nap instead. Kurumi wakes Ariadne up with a gunshot. Nevertheless, Ariadne remains passive throughout her journey, even as Tsuan joins the traveling party and they register as adventurers at a guild. At one point, Ariadne eavesdrops on a conversation between Kurumi and Hibiki about a boy from the other world.

Ariadne changes into a wizard-like costume before going with her fellow travelers into the dungeon they were assigned to. In the dungeon, Ariadne seems to enjoy learning new magic skills, and even voices her disappointment at not being able to use them outside of Gevurah. After clearing the first boss on B3F, Ariadne comments on Hibiki's leadership of the group in spite of her lack of combat experience. However, on B4F a misjudgment on Hibiki's part causes them to encounter a blinding flash before three giant insects round-up on them, though they are saved in time by Ariadne. Ariadne's low speed starts to hold her back in the lower floors of the dungeon, and she is almost crushed by a wall closing in on her. She also loses the staff that she had been casting her magic from, making her resort to using her Unsigned Angel to cast magic instead.

At the final floor of the dungeon, Ariadne notices Kurumi touch a Compile. When asked about it, Ariadne says she would dare not experience memory from a Compile, because the dead shouldn't be allowed to return to the world of the living. However, she claims to not be withholding her support for Kurumi's goal. Inside the final boss room is a presence that frightens all of the travelers. Fortunately, Haraka arrives in time to explain the situation, as well as join the fight on their side. Ariadne and Haraka's attempts to debuff the synthesized Spirit fail. They then witness one of the Spirit's attacks break the ceiling above Kurumi and separate her from them. The Spirit then swings her sword at Ariadne, knocking her against the wall. Fortunately, Kurumi recovers in time to engage the Spirit. Tsuan, Haraka, and Ariadne recover enough to contribute their attacks as well, but the Spirit dodges all of them and starts aiming at Kurumi, who dodges in return. Kurumi telepathically discusses a strategy that would involve Kurumi charging at the Spirit, Hibiki rushing in front of Kurumi and the other three positioning themselves behind the Spirit. The strategy succeeds in getting Kurumi to fire a <Zayin> directly at the Spirit. This allows Ariadne, Haraka, and Tsuan to stall with their Unsigned Angels, long enough for Hibiki to think of, and successfully carry out alongside Kurumi, a strategy that defeats the Spirit once and for all.

Hibiki's strategy also destroys her Unsigned Angel, causing Ariadne to worry that Hibiki may turn into an Empty. The dungeon begins to collapse entirely at this point, prompting the five of them to jump up - Kurumi and Tsuan also helping the others avoid falling rubble. Upon escaping the dungeon, Kurumi and Tsuan go somewhere for their promised match, allowing Ariadne to talk to Hibiki directly. Ariadne admits to not wanting Kurumi to leave the Neighboring World, due to what would happen should the gate to the other world from Keter be opened. As part of her own efforts to prevent Quasi-Spirits from leaving for the real world, Ariadne had to use her Unsigned Angel on them to flush out their memories. Ariadne believes that only Hibiki would be able to convey her message to Kurumi. Just then, an Empty appears to the two of them. Ariadne quickly uses her Unsigned Angel to bind the Empty, but to her shock, White Queen emerges out of the bound Empty's body. She fires a <Moznaim> to deflect Ariadne's own threads back at her, then shoots her unconscious, leaving Hibiki helpless.

Volume 7[]

Ariadne comes to, and finds out from Tsuan and Haraka what had happened to White Queen and Hibiki. Along with Kurumi, they go to Chokmah, where the upcoming decisive battle against White Queen would take place. When Tsuan asks why they are fighting White Queen there, Ariadne tries her best to explain. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Maya, and during the strategy meeting, Ariadne and Carte are identified as short-range attackers. While standing by the gate leading to Binah, Haraka pulls Maya and Ariadne over for a private chat. The three of them had been keeping secret the only thing they knew between them, and start to cry for each other, as a way to maintain the trust between them.

Soon, White Queen's Three Executives arrive at Chokmah and engage the Dominions and Kurumi. Kurumi tasks Tsuan, Ariadne and Carte with destroying the Empties that come out of the gate. Just as an Empty sneaks behind Ariadne with a Nitro Dress ready to detonate, Kurumi fires a <Zayin> at the Nitro Dress, allowing Ariadne to swing it back at a horde of Empties before it explodes. Seeing Ariadne's struggle, Haraka takes over while protecting Ariadne with a talisman. Ariadne looks back at Kurumi, who saved her while fighting Knight at the same time, and is thankful. However, White Queen herself appears to join the battle, giving the Empties a morale boost to turn the tide of battle in their favor. Ariadne struggles again, and Haraka ends up having to choose between supporting her or Kurumi.

After Hibiki's consciousness is restored and she joins the battle on the Dominions' side, White Queen also returns with an army of clones. Knowing that White Queen now has the power to turn Empties into clones of herself, Ariadne quickly strikes down as many Empties as she could, only to be caught out by White Queen's stray shot. Her attacks become erratic, and eventually, she cuts through Haraka's shoulder by accident, before falling. Maya and Haraka instinctively rush to protect her in spite of several White Queen clones closing in on them, but they are saved by a timely intervention from Yui. Yesod's representatives in Rinemu Kirari and Mizuha Banouin then arrive to sing for them. Hod's new Dominion in Retsumi Jugasaki also arrives, rejuvenating the trio and letting them continue to hold off White Queen clones.

Volume 8[]

Ariadne is among the Quasi-Spirits interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Ariadne ultimately chooses to stay in the Neighboring World, only visiting Keter to see off other Quasi-Spirits who have decided to migrate to the real world, including Hibiki herself. Ariadne gives a pair of ear plugs to Hibiki before she departs.

Some time after the gate closes, the Dominions meet up somewhere in the Neighboring World. Maya proclaims their world's new Dominions and begins to fill out paperwork for them, to which Ariadne thinks it isn't necessary. When a new Quasi-Spirit is discovered and the Dominions rush to see it, the news that it came from the real world shocks Ariadne, who says that the Neighboring World should have been cut off from the real world.