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Mai Hazakura & Mii Fujibakama[]

Mai and Mii are Ai's best friends. The three are always seen together both inside and outside the classroom, with Ai usually being their unofficial leader. Both are close enough to know about Ai's secret crush, Kashiwada, and openly support her endeavors in confessing to him. They are also defensive of Ai when Shido appears to be flirting with her.

Tohka Yatogami[]

Ai is good friends with Tohka, having offered Tohka the aquarium tickets that she later used on a date with Shido. Later, upon Tohka's invitation, she and her friends go to Comico to buy the manga that Tohka and the other Spirits worked on.

Shido Itsuka[]

Ai developed a dislike for Shido due to Natsumi's antics after impersonating him. However, this relationship was further worsened when a not himself Shido flirted with Ai and her friends. By the time she saw him at Comico, she considered Shido to be a monster that would flirt with anyone he saw.

Ellen Mira Mathers[]

Ai first met Ellen during their school trip, where she would often try to get Ellen to join in on the fun, but that mostly annoys her while she is busy spying on <Princess>. Despite Ellen's frustration, Ai and her friends have had random encounters with Ellen in her daily life, much to the DEM Wizard's frequent annoyance and embarrassment in getting swept up in the trio's zany antics. After Ellen has lost her memories, she ends up becoming Ai's assistant homeroom teacher.


Kashiwada is Ai's secret crush. Despite Ai's outgoing nature, she is also painfully shy in confessing to him, to the extent of even seeking outside like Origami to help in consulting this matter. However, sometime during the one year timeskip of Tohka's disappearance, it's revealed that Ai successfully confessed to Kashiwada, and the two have since started dating.