Осторожно, cпойлеры! В данной статье содержится большое количество спойлеров, прошу вас для начала ознакомиться с аниме или ранобэ.



В ранобэ не было раскрыто то, как выглядит реалайзер, но автор достаточно хорошо описал основные функции реалайзера, который сделал то, что ранее считалось невозможным.

  • «Незримый»

Реалайзер, способный делать дирижабли невидимыми.

  • «Избегающий»

Реалайзер, которые используется для того, чтобы избегать столкновений с чем-то. Обычно используется вместе с «Незримым» реалайзером.

  • «Медицинский»

Реалайзер, который используется в медицинских целях для исцеления ран и травм, не угрожающих жизни человека.

-mana deploying realizer protect-

Mana deploying Realizer <Protect>

  • «Защищающий»

Реалайзер, который используется для блокировки атак противника путем ввода координат как в ручном, так и в автоматическом режиме.

  • '«'Эшкрофт Бета»

Реалайзер, расширяющий территории. Говорят, что даже размер территорий AST не сравнится с тем, насколько великой может быть территория, созданная этим реалайзером. Названы в честь Артемизии Белл Эшкрофт, над которой ставились опыты.



Комбинированный проводящий костюм (CR-Unit)Править

Механическая броня с оружием, оснащенная реалайзером. Костюм не предназначен для использования в помещениях, поэтому его можно использовать только на открытой местности. 

Каждый проводящий костюм предназначен для определенного человека и для определенной миссии. Множество костюмов, как и техника, получили собственные названия.

Combat Wiring SuitПравить

The standard combat wiring suit of the AST is usually worn around the AST base and underneath the CR-Unit when a user is in combat.

The combat wiring suit is only used for an emergency or in combat, without a CR-unit, as it contains a basic Realizer unit on it.


  • Origami using <C C C>
  • <C C C> scope view targeting tohka
  • <C C C> full view
  • Origami using <No Pain>
  • Origami and Ryouko holding <Auldist>
  • Ryouko using <Auldist>
  • Vlcsnap-2014-10-29-14h55m29s163.png Mana using <Murakumo> Sword Style

<C C C> or (Cry Cry Cry)Править

The <C C C> or <Cry Cry Cry> is a large, Anti-Spirit Rifle. When used against a human, this rifle was shown to have enough power to blast a large hole through that person's torso. Against a Spirit, however, the weapon is unable to pierce through their Astral Dresses.

<No Pain>Править

An Anti-Spirit laser blade.

When deactivated, it merely consists of a handle and guard.  It is normally stored inside of the combat wiring suit when not in use. When the user reaches for the sword, the combat wiring suit will move the handle into a position where it can be drawn with greater ease.

When active, a blade made of glowing blue energy (roughly a meter in length) is emitted from the handle.


A blue CR-Unit used by Mana when she was a DEM wizard. Some parts of her CR-Unit can be changed into weapons depending on its modes.


  • Sword Style
The shield part on her shoulders that can turn into twin swords.
  • Blaster Style
Parts on her shoulders and her twin swords that can be changed its form into a cannon that points to all directions.


An Anti-Spirit Gatling gun. This weapon is commonly used by the AST team.

<White Licorice>Править

  • Origami using <White Licorice>
  • Origami using <CleaveLeaf>
  • <Blastalk> destructive power

A new, experimental set of equipment, White Licorice is a CR-Unit that has been optimized for pure destruction. However, the unit puts a large amount of strain on the user, limiting its use to around 30 minutes. Using it any longer will put the user's life in danger. White Licorice was created as part of a set of two, its counterpart is a red colored version called <Scarlet Licorice>. Scarlet Licorice is much like its counterpart, it has been observed using the same equipment and the user seems to suffer from the same drawbacks.

The DW-029, Destruction Armament is equipped with:

  • 2 <CleaveLeaf>
A pair of large-sized laser blades that are mounted on the user's forearms; it can be used for binding.
  • 2 <Blastalk>
A pair of 50.5cm magic cannons. This weapon's firepower can easily destroy a normal <protect> Realizer.
  • 8 <RootBox>
A containment unit that can store a large amount of weaponry.


  • Bandersnatch Land Mode
  • Bandersnatch Air Mode

A DEM humanoid doll or robot equipped with a Realizer that must be linked to a larger Realizer unit for it to function.

<Nut Crackers>Править

A pair of laser knuckles; designed for close-combat.

<Merry Ram>Править

A 10.5cm laser gun.

<Twin Cluster>Править

A micro-missile pod.

<King Call>Править

A laser edge built-in single element cutter.


A Mechanical Clamp and Mana Gun hybrid.


A large laser blade used by Ellen.


A spear that can also be used as a cannon. Part of Ellen's CR-Unit <Pendragon> along with <Caledvwlch>.


A special weapon that is only accessible to the CR-Unit <Mordred>. It has strong magic and has a unique feature of becoming a melee type weapon <Clarent Sword> and a long-range type <Clarent Cannon>. 

<Arondight> Править

A special laser sword used by Artemisia. It is powerful enough to defeat Kurumi's clones in a matter of seconds.

Vehicles, Ships, and/or AircraftПравить


Ratatoskr's airship and command center. Although the ship and its crew normally support Shido without taking direct action, it can also take part in active combat as well.

The Fraxinus is equipped with several types of Realizers, giving the ship a wide variety of capabilities. These include offensive weapons, defensive shielding, and almost perfect stealth.


One of DEM's airships that was destroyed by the Yamai sisters when DEM tried to capture them.


One of DEM's airships.


One of DEM's airships which functions like a CR-Unit in a sense that one wizard is enough to mobilize it.


<Humpty Dumpty>Править

A satellite that belonged to DEM and was equipped with Realizers which stored a large number of <Bandersnatch> for security. The original purpose of this satellite was unknown but the decommissioned satellite was used as an orbital weapon during a DEM conspiracy, sending itself through Earth's atmosphere like a meteorite in the attempt to kill off Westcott.

<Dainsleif> Править

A satellite weapon owned by Ratatoskr. Its purpose is to annihilate Shido Itsuka in the event he goes out of control from the spirit power he's sealed. When activated it targets Shido and proceeds to fire a laser at him, but despite its power, it is stopped by <Phantom>'s timely intervention.


  • The majority of the AST’s equipment is created by DEM Industries.
    • The same can be said for the SSS.
  • Origami used <C C C> to snipe Tohka but accidentally shot Shido instead.
    • So far in the story, only Origami use this weapon and it was only used once.
    • The <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle has a similar design with the Barrett M82A3 Anti Material Rifle, but <C C C> has been heavily modified with its own special bullet (downsized bullet caliber from 12.7mm to approximately 7.62mm), telescopic sight, muzzle brake, and the other features with purpose to pierce through an Spirit's Astral Dress.
  • Only a few people can use <White Licorice> due to it having a high-risk factor.
    • Explained by Ryouko Kusakabe as crazy, deadly weapon.
    • Origami stole <White Licorice> from the JGSDF bunker room without permission.
  • The AST team commonly use the Combat Wiring Suit and Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit) for effectiveness.
  • So far in the story, only a few people had access to special Combat Wiring Suits and CR-Units.
  • Only two Airships appear in Date A Live anime series, Fraxinus, and Arbatel.
  • Goetia is a name of a ritual for the invocation of angels and demons. The "Goetia" (γοητεία) name means "charm, jugglery"; from γόης "sorcerer, wizard" in Greek.
  • The Bandersnatch drones are similar in appearance to the 07 EVA Body. On his back, seems to have wings that are somewhat similar to the EVA 07 from Neon Genesis Evangelion and both are humanoid that can change their forms acquiring flight mode.